Citizen Comments

As part of the Board of Education (BOE) Constituent Services, the BOE, at the first regularly scheduled board meeting of each month, and upon completion of the business of the Work Session, will adjourn/end the meeting, take a short break, and upon return, provide time to listen to constituent concerns and suggestions during Citizen Comments.  NOTE: Citizen Comments are not heard in connection with other board meetings, including special called board meetings.

Citizen Comments provides an opportunity for the BOE to listen to constituent concerns regarding public education (Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12).

The Board will thoughtfully consider all expressed concerns, issues or requests and may respond at a later date.

  1. Speaker must be a citizen of Huntsville, Alabama (or annexed area), a parent/guardian of a child enrolled in Huntsville City Schools or a Huntsville City Schools employee.
  2. Speaker must have submitted written notice seventy-two (72) hours prior to the work session.
  3. Speaker must state his/her name, address, organization he/she represents, and subject matter prior to addressing the BOE. 
  4. Speaker has up to three minutes to present.
  5. Speakers may not delegate his/her time to another person.
  6. Speakers will not be limited unless they become repetitive or offer no new information.
  7. Speakers must be respectful. Use of any disparaging remarks, comments or statements pertaining to the good name and character of any individual will result in the forfeiture of the remainder of his/her time.
  8. The Board reserves the right to establish such other lawful and reasonable rules and procedures as it may deem necessary and appropriate to further the efficient execution of BOE business.
  9. The specifications will be read aloud by a board member prior to the start of Citizen Comments.
How to sign up to speak during Citizen Comments:
  1. Citizens of Huntsville, AL (or annexed area), parents and guardians of a child enrolled in Huntsville City Schools, and Huntsville City Schools employees that desire to address the Board at a public meeting, will provide the Superintendent with written notice of their request to speak no later than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the work session. The reason for requesting to appear shall be included in full detail in the written request, and shall also contain the requester’s full name and residential street address.
  2. The goal in providing advance notice and full details is to allow the Superintendent and BOE opportunity to be proactive in addressing an issue.
  3. Written notice shall be submitted online through the Constituent Services Form, or mailed/delivered to ATTN: Superintendent; 200 White Street, Huntsville, AL 35801.    
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