Athletic Event Bag Procedures

Huntsville City Schools is implementing new restrictions on the types of bags that will be allowed inside football stadiums, athletic fields, and gymnasiums for HCS hosted athletic events. The purpose is to provide enhanced security in the interest of improved safety for all attendees and participants. 

The measures will begin starting September 4, 2018.

Prohibited Bags

This procedure pertains to bags and is not an all-inclusive list of items that are prohibited from HCS facilities.  Bags that are prohibited include but are not limited to:

  • purses larger than a clutch bag, briefcases, backpacks, cinch bags, and fanny packs that are not clear and/or exceed the size restriction
  • luggage of any kind
  • computer bags/cases
  • camera bags/cases
  • binocular bags/cases
  • any bag larger than the permissible size

Permitted Bags

Individuals are encouraged not to bring any types of bags inside HCS facilities during athletic events.  However, the following types of bags are permitted:

  • Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12" x 6" x 12";
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags (Ziploc bag or similar); and
  • Small clutch bags, with or without a handle or strap, that do not exceed 4.5" x 6.5" (approximately the size of a hand).
  • Exceptions will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection at a designated gate.

The public will still be allowed to carry items such as binoculars and cameras inside stadiums, athletic fields, and gymnasiums in a permissible clear bag.  Individuals may bring one large clear bag - either a one-gallon Ziploc style bag or the 12" x 6" x 12" clear bag - plus a small clutch that does not exceed 4.5" x 6.5". The small clutch allows privacy for small personal items and is easily searched.

Blankets are permissible during inclement weather and must be tossed over the shoulder or arm.

Individuals with proper credentials from Huntsville City Schools or a recognized media organization may be granted an exemption to bags that do not meet the guidelines.  Bags will still be searched prior to entry, and only bags that pass inspection will be allowed into Huntsville City Schools facilities.

The new procedures will take effect starting September 4, 2018.

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