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Huntsville City Schools and Apple Bus Company are pleased to offer families access to our new school bus tracking app, SafeStop. The app shows the approximate location of the designated bus, its Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at bus stops, and any important status updates. When using the app, please keep in mind that this is a tool meant to help you plan around arrival and departure times.  Please arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the expected arrival time to prevent the bus from being delayed for other parents, and to prevent potentially unsafe boarding situations.

To get started, access one of our available versions:

Steps to Begin Using the App

  1. Download the SafeStop app to your mobile device by using the above links or by searching for "SafeStop" on iTunes or Google Play.
  2. Click/Tap Create An Account, and find the registration page for Huntsville City Schools by using your home zip code.
  3. Enter your account information, using at least one valid Student State ID Number (SSID).  To retrieve your child's SSID:
    1. Log on to the INOW Parent Portal (Grades Online).
    2. Select "Demographic" under Student Information on the left menu.
    3. Select State ID Number.
  4. Once you log in to your account, your assigned bus stops will be displayed in your account.
    • Should this information be incomplete or incorrect, please use the Report an Ap Issue feature in the Settings area of your account to inform the transportation department.
    • Note: SafeStop relies on the information provided by the Huntsville City Schools Transportation Department, and will not distribute or modify route or student information.
  5. Each bus stop features a Bus Locator button and a Scheduled Arrival Time.  In most cases, an Estimated Time of Arrival will appear once we confirm the route is being performed as planned.
  6. The Alerts & Messaging Center is located in the top-right corner of the app, which contains messages and updates from the HCS Transportation Department.


  • For help with installation or registration, contact SafeStop by email at or by phone at (800) 843-8936.
  • To report an issue with the app itself, please tap the Settings Icon and select Report An App Issue.
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