Capital Plan

A District maintains a ‘rolling’ Capital Plan which projects future construction and renovation requirements across the District.  The Capital Plan is a resource to assist the Finance and Operations Departments in planning, financing, and executing long-term capital projects.

For the most up-to-date capital plan information, please view the following document:

Previous Year Projects
2020-2021 Projects
  • Columbia High School athletic facility upgrade
  • Jemison High School athletic facility upgrade
  • Highlands Elementary School roof/HVAC replacement
  • Hampton Cove Elementary roof replacement
  • Ridgecrest Elementary playground replacement
2018-2020 Enhancements
  • Jemison High School tennis courts
  • Huntsville High School softball field renovations
  • Lee High School softball field renovations
  • Academy for Academics & Arts walkway and protective covering
  • Grissom High School Welcome Center
2013-2018 Capital Plan
  • 300 million dollars
  • Seven new schools:
    • Whitesburg
    • Morris
    • Grissom
    • Jemison
    • McNair
    • Sonnie Hereford
    • Huntsville High School Freshman Academy
  • One major renovation:
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. addition and new playground
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