HCS Energy Master Plan 2016

HCS Energy Master Plan – Association of Energy Engineers Project of the Year Region II


  1. Energy Command Team
    1. Jeff Gattis Energy Commander
    2. Andy Bernard, TCU Consulting Services, Certified Energy Engineer and consultant
    3. HVAC Maintenance Command, Lighting Command, Energy Dashboard Command, District Energy Culture management, District Energy Competitions


  1. Current Inventory & Benchmark
    1. District Sustainability Inventory: Completed 2014
    2. Energy Star Portfolio: Meter data entered 2015, dating back to January 2011
    3. Huntsville Utilities Audit: Completed 2013
    4. Huntsville Utilities Infrared Scanning of Electrical Panels: Completed 2014


  1. Initiatives
    1. Retrofit/Renovate/Delete Existing Facilities: Decommissioning & Sale of 2,067,502sf of old inefficient facilities: In Process
    2. New Capital Projects Commitment: Construction of 1,574,977sf of new efficient facilities built to LEED NB standards, 100% LED lighting, Building Automation Systems, and submetering: In Process
    3. ENERNOC: Utility demand-response participation by 12 facilities.  Future initiative to implement the entire HCS District with as much capability as possible: in process
    4. TVA Valley Sustainable Communities: Participant
    5. Georgetown University Energy Prize: Partner to Huntsville Utilities, and City of Huntsville, as support for outreach and leadership in energy efficiency, including energy consumption and efficiency planning.
      1. City of HSV, HU, and HCS have led the 52 cities as #1 from 1/1/16 to present
    6. LEED O&M: Future initiative to operate facilities at the LEED Operations & Maintenance standard.
    7. Single Energy Management Dashboard Energy Command Center: Spectrum Solutions, Inc under contract to create an Energy Dashboard to monitor/control energy across the District.  Project in process.
    8. TCU/Avion Monitoring of Investment vs. Results: TCU Consulting and Avion Solutions will be monitoring the data for comparison with other school districts nationally.
    9. Pilot Programs and Testing: BioPCM Phase Change material testing, SmartLink Lighting Control System testing
    10. Connection to Education: Students/Teachers/Staff are included in the energy projects from an awareness, and culture changing effort.  Schools compete against each other for incentives and prizes per their individual energy savings.
    11. Control/Visibility of Building Systems: complete building automation of HVAC systems for all facilities.  Savings from HVAC performance control are significant.
    12. Sub-metering: Kitchens, gyms, athletic areas, cafeterias, and auditoriums submetered for consumptive data mining.
    13. Curriculum Tie to Initiatives: Curriculum lessons include energy-saving principals and energy-producing principals in the District.



  1. Incentive Programs/Financing
    1. TVA EnergyRight: Utilized for Retrofit LED projects, as well as occasional HVAC replacement projects.  Current incentives received nearly $40,000.
    2. ADECA Grant Program: Currently utilizing the 2nd round $15,000 grant funds for LED retrofit project to relamp Monte Sano ES, saving HCS $1,000 per month. The first $15,000 grant relamped HHS parking lots, and practice gymnasium, in 2015, saving over $2,000 per month.
    3. ADECA Local Gov’t Energy Loan Program: 4-School LED retrofit project is utilizing a $500,000, 0% interest rate loan to fund the relamping of Chaffee ES, McDonnell ES, MLK ES, Jones Valley ES facilities.  Over 3,200 fixtures retrofit with LED.  Completion July 2016.  Expected savings over $10,500 per month.
    4. Internally Generated Savings to be reinvested in HCS.






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