12/15/11 - 5:30PM - Board Meeting

12/15/11 - 5:30PM - Board Meeting

Huntsville City Board of Education
Annie Merts Center
200 White Street Huntsville AL 35801


The Huntsville City Board of Education met in the boardroom in special session on the above date following a work session at 5:30 p.m. Members present were the President, Ms. Laurie McCaulley; Vice President, Mr. David Blair; Dr. Jennie Robinson; and Mr. Topper Birney. Ms. Alta Morrison was not in attendance. A quorum was present. Also present were the Superintendent, Dr. Casey Wardynski; School Board Attorney, Mr. J.R. Brooks; members of the central office staff; and interested citizens. 

The meeting was opened by the President. A moment of silent reflection was observed and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by the Vice President.

As part of the Superintendent Celebration Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Barbara Cooper presented resolutions to:
Nancy Wolfe - Counselor - Huntsville High School
Alabama School Counselors Association - Alabama High School Counselor of the Year

B.T. Drake - Principal - Grissom High School
Alabama School Counselors Association - Alabama School Counselor Advocate of the Year

Also part of the Celebration Dr. Wardynski announced the conclusion of the computer giveaway to all 5th graders and reimbursing classroom teachers $350.00 for classroom supplies beginning in January after the January budget update. 



Legacy Minutes: 
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Agenda developed by the Superintendent in collaboration with the Board President and Vice President.