04/06/2021 - 6:00PM - Work Session

Bid #21-033 - Gym Floor Restoration - RENEWAL - Department - Facilities


Bid # 21-033, Gym Floor Restoration – RENEWAL - Awarded to Ram Enterprises, Inc. of Montgomery, AL

This is the fourth and final option renewal of original bid #17-042.  The bid is in place to cover the cost associated with restoration and repairs of (24) main gym floors and (5) auxiliary gym floors in the district. The facilities coordinator determines the timing of each project on an as-needed basis.   The bid pricing is based on four categories.  Category 1: Screen & Recoat total bid price $86,197.23; Category 2:  Sanding, Sealing, Finish, Painting, Graphics -Bare wood total bid price $638,769.05; Category 3:  Repairs total bid price $6,960.00; Category 4:  Installation total bid price $104,690.00.  The majority cost of projects will come from Category 1:  Screen & Recoat gym floors.  Please refer to the bid tabulation for the detailed pricing of each item in each of the categories.  The total extended bid price is $836,616.28. 



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Agenda developed by the Superintendent in collaboration with the Board President and Vice President.