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The competitive nature of racing creates a fun learning environment for Huntsville City Schools students in the internationally renowned Greenpower program. It provides students with a unique, hands-on opportunity to engage in modern, industry relevant engineering and technology through project-based learning.

The Greenpower Electric Car Challenge is offered in the elementary level through high school. Student teams design and build single-seat electric cars that race in local, and international competitions.
The cars are built from kits, allowing students to design their own body and engineer car parts through 3D printing, based on their own designs.

Greenpower introduces the students to design, manufacturing processes and project management as they learn concepts of drafting, 3D modeling, advanced manufacturing and fabrication, leading to the “on-track” aspects of testing and evaluation. Greenpower roots are in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects, as well as community outreach and marketing.

The Greenpower USA Foundation was formed in May, 2014 and established in Huntsville because of the resounding success as the U.S. pilot program. Huntsville was home to the first Greenpower exhibition race in the U.S. and excelled in national and international competition.  

Huntsville Greenpower Tracks are located at the new campus of Whitesburg P8, Grissom High and Jemison-McNair Campus. Teams are located at our schools throughout the city.


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