About Us

Huntsville City Schools is dedicated to serving its students, their families and the greater Huntsville community.

Innovation is an integral attribute of the mission and mechanics of Huntsville City Schools.  Through deploying alternative courses and curriculum, developing and promoting collaborative corporate partnerships, and exposing students to practical application in highly technical and/or virtual laboratories, Huntsville City Schools enables academic exploration for all of its students - regardless of learning style, preference, or proficiency.  Huntsville City Schools is a pioneer in digital learning. In 2012 the District implemented the largest digital 1:1 learning environment in the United States.  The program put laptops in the hands of each student in grades 3 -12, and placed ipads and tablets in grades K-2.  Through the initiative, the District expanded access to the most current learning resources, teaching tools, and information.  Recognizing that education extends beyond the classroom, the District has robust programs for athletics, performing and applied arts, and extracurricular activities - including civic and curriculum-centric clubs.

Huntsville City Schools, founded in 1875 , serves more than 24,000 students with a team of 2,600 teachers, administrators, and staff.  The district includes 43 schools: six high schools, 11 middle and junior high schools, and 26 Pre-K through elementary schools.  Each elementary facility includes a Pre-K program with the mission of preparing students to begin school.  Seven of the district’s schools are also home to various magnet programs, with one high school and two P-8 facilities dedicated as fully established magnet schools.  A $279 million capital improvements plan implemented in 2013 has led to significant renovation of many schools and the completion or ongoing construction of six new schools that will serve as anchors for revitalization and growth across the City of Huntsville.  Each of the new schools is designed to provide the highest level of student safety (to include tornado shelters) with modern designs that promote unique and collaborative learning environments.

There is tremendous STEMphasis at Huntsville City Schools, meaning that our District places a heightened emphasis on Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)-based projects and curriculum.  This emphasis dovetails with Huntsville City’s role in the global community as a leader in missile defense, aerospace, biotechnology, cybersecurity, and advanced manufacturing.  Because we are a large, diverse school system, we’re uniquely positioned to offer specialized education for our students.

Huntsville City Schools continues to develop unique learning opportunities and innovations to meet the growing interests of our students as well as the workforce needs of our community.

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