Live Broadcast - ETV Basketball Game of the Week
5A Regional Tournament: Wenonah VS Jemison (Girls) 9:00AM, Fairfield VS Jemison (Boys) 10:30AM, Wenonah VS Lee (Boys) 1:30PM. Click below to access the live stream!

Equitable Access to Course Offerings and Programs

The focus of this section is professional development for teachers, counselors and administrators; equitable distribution of teachers; providing Pre-Kindergarten districtwide; elementary gifted programs; special education services; math acceleration; support services for math and English Language Arts; honors, AP, and IB courses in secondary schools; performing arts class reviews, career academies. Additional support programs addressed include: after school programs; guidance counseling; students at risk; parent/guardian workshops; industry/community partnerships’ financial assistance with fees for courses, exams and magnet program activities. The District and individual schools will participate in self-monitoring to identify, analyze and monitor racial disparities, if any, as outlined in the Consent Order.

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