Eleven Schools Temporarily Transitioning to Remote Learning

Eleven Huntsville City Schools will temporarily transition to remote learning on Thursday, Jan. 20 and Friday, Jan. 21. Students will return to campus on Monday, Jan. 24.  The district’s Preventative Measures Team worked collaboratively with the school’s leadership team to assess several factors before making the decision to transition to remote learning, including the number of positive COVID-19 cases and/or staffing availability.  For additional details, including a complete list of the schools affected, click the More Information button below.


V.D.1:  A list of the members of each committee involved in the recruitment, hiring, assignment, retention, or promotion of administrators, faculty, and certified staff. The list will include: name of committee; each committee member's name; his or her race; position (title and location) and date(s) on which he or she served on the committee.  CLICK HERE FOR REPORT

V.D.2:  Documentation of any exigent circumstances pursuant to Section V.A.1.  CLICK HERE FOR REPORT

V.D.3:  The total number of certified administrators, by race and position, in the District’s central office. CLICK HERE FOR REPORT

V.D.4:  The total number and percentage of teachers and administrators, by race and by position, in each school facility operated in the District. For reporting purposes, principals will be identified separately from assistant principals.  CLICK HERE FOR REPORT

V.D.5:  A list of each certified staff member, such as administrators and faculty, transferred, including: his or her name; race; position; self-reported years of experience; school to which he or she was previously assigned; school to which he or she was transferred; effective date of the transfer; indication of whether the transfer was requested by the certified staff member or initiated by the District or both; and the reason(s) for the transfer.  CLICK HERE FOR REPORT

V.D.6:  A description of the measures the District is taking to ensure the equitable selection of Black principals pursuant to Section V.A.2.  CLICK HERE FOR REPORT

V.D.7:  A list of all recruiting/job fairs in which the District participated, including the date and location of each such fair.  CLICK HERE FOR REPORT

V.D.8:  A list of each central office certified administrator hired, including the administrator’s name, race, position, date of hire, and starting salary (including step and grade).  CLICK HERE FOR REPORT

V.D.9:  A list of each central office certified administrator promoted, including the administrator’s name, race, prior position and salary, and new position and salary.  CLICK HERE FOR REPORT

V.D.10:  A list of each certified staff member, such as administrators and faculty, who received incentive pay, including his or her name, race, position (title and location), salary grade and step, and incentive amount.  CLICK HERE FOR REPORT

V.D.11:  A list of certified staff members, such as administrators and faculty, who were demoted, suspended, or dismissed/terminated, including each person’s name, race, position/title, and date of demotion, suspension, or dismissal/termination.  CLICK HERE FOR REPORT

V.D.12:  A list containing information about each candidate submitted to a school for consideration to fill a vacant position, including: candidate’s name; his or her race; an indication of whether he or she was screened at the District level; his or her certification(s), if any; his or her self-reported total years of experience; school and vacant certified position for which his or her name was submitted; date on which that submission occurred; candidate(s) selected by the principal to fill the vacant certified position; and candidate(s) placed in the position.  CLICK HERE FOR PART ONE; CLICK HERE FOR PART TWO

V.D.13:  A list of all candidates nominated for the TOSA program, or any similar program, and for each eligible candidate: candidate’s name; his or her race; school to which he or she was assigned; grade level(s) and/or course(s) he or she taught; individual who nominated him or her; an indication whether he or she accepted any invitation to interview; members of his or her interview committee; and an indication whether he or she was selected to participate in the TOSA program or any similar program.  CLICK HERE FOR REPORT

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