Academic and Career Technical Dual Enrollment Program

View the below presentation from the Summer 2022 Dual Enrollment Information Session for an overview of the program.

Please remember to speak with your School Counselor regarding Dual Enrollment Opportunities.

The Dual Enrollment program for Huntsville City Schools allows students to receive both high school and college credit for certain academic or career technical education courses. Eligible courses can be taken through an Alabama Community College System (ACCS) institution while enrolled in high school for the purpose of earning credits for a high school diploma and/or a postsecondary degree. 

Based on state eligibility guidelines and the joint consent order with the Department of Justice, Huntsville City Schools has developed criteria for students wanting to participate in the Dual Enrollment program.

  1. The student has and maintains a 2.5 GPA (GPA requirements may vary depending on program of interest) in completed high school courses;
  2. The postsecondary level course is a course not offered at the high school;
  3. The student is a current 10th, 11th, or 12th grader (dual enrollment programs may have grade level requirements-see below);
  4. The student has met with his or her High School Counselor and the College Dual Enrollment Advisor.
  5. Students participating in Dual Enrollment must successfully complete college courses to continue each semester.  Students who do not successfully complete a college course in a semester will not be allowed to participate in dual enrollment for one semester.

Academic Dual Enrollment vs. Academic Dual Credit (Students may only take one academic dual enrollment course per each academic term and must meet eligibility requirements.  Two courses must be Superintendent approved.)

  • ELIGIBILITY: Students must have a satisfactory GPA of 2.5 or above and may participate in academic dual enrollment after successful completion of his or her 10th grade year.
  • Dual Enrollment- When a student is enrolled in high school and college courses and can earn high school and college credit simultaneously.
  • Dual Credit- When a student is enrolled in high school and participating in designated courses that Huntsville City Schools and the Community College has agreed upon that can be used as substitutions to high school courses.  Students will need to speak with his or her Counselor to see approved courses.

Career Technical Dual Enrollment: (There is no limit on CTE Dual Enrollment courses.  Students must meet eligibility requirements and have Counselor and Principal approval.)

  • ELIGIBILITY: Students must have a satisfactory GPA of 2.5 or above and may participate in career technical dual enrollment after successful completion of his or her 9th grade year.

Early College/Early Start: (Early College/Early Start participants must meet all requirements of the college of interest.  The courses in this program are taken for college credit only.)

  • ELIGIBILITY: Students must meet all requirements issued by the post-secondary institution of choice.

Steps for Enrollment:

  1. Meet with High School Counselor
  2. Complete applicable HCS and/or college forms
  3. Visit the college of choice Dual Enrollment website to complete the appropriate dual enrollment application and all necessary forms.
  4. Contact the college’s Dual Enrollment Advisor schedule an advising meeting.

Cost and Due Dates:

  • Students participating in Academic Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit and Early College/Early Start courses must contact the post-secondary institution to determine costs, fees, materials, and deadlines for tuition payment. 
  • Students participating in Career Technical Dual Enrollment course fees, materials, and tuition are covered by a state sponsored grant provided by the post-secondary institution.

Additional Dual Enrollment Information:

Dual Enrollment application dates will be announced by your local high school.  In general, the timeline to work with your school counselor is as follows:

  • Fall Classes- March- May (priority) and August
  • Spring Classes- October- November
  • Summer Classes- March- May

See your High School Counselor if you are interested in learning more about our Academic Dual Enrollment/Early College programs.  You may also contact Leah Edgecombe by phone (256) 428-6987 or email at for additional information.

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