DAC First Public Meeting

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - 6:00pm

This Desegregation Advisory Committe (DAC) Public Meeting will be held in the Lee High School Auditorium.


This meeting is designed to keep the community informed about the DAC and the implementation of the Consent Order, as well as provide an open forum for community members to ask questions and provide feedback regarding their experiences with the implementation of the Consent Order to the DAC members.  (per section 9 pgs. 83-85 of the Consent Order)

DAC Mission Statement:

We, the members of the Desegregation Advisory Committee (DAC), are an independent, volunteer group composed of Huntsville City Schools (HCS) students and parents with children enrolled in HCS.  We are responsible for monitoring HCS's implementation of the Consent Order by reviewing data, making recommendations to the superintendent, and filing reports with the Court.  We serve as a voice of the community and an early warning system for developing challenges.  We gather information from both the public and HCS and we make assessments about whether, in our view, HCS is meeting its obligation to faithfully implement the Consent Order.

We are not a second board of education and do not have authority to set HCS policy.  We are not responsible for assigning students, staff, or faculty to schools, for hiring or firing HCS employees, or for establishing HCS budget priorities.  We recognize that our ultimate responsibility is to improve the future for all children in the Huntsville City School System and to help finally remove the tenacious and immoral vestiges of segregation.

For more information, visis the Consent Order page or the DAC Website.

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