Magnet School Athletics

The Academy for Academics & Arts, the Academy for Science & Foreign Language, and New Century Technology High School do not offer athletics.  However, students at these schools may still participate in athletics according to the Home School Rule found below.  AGT (Williams), IB (Columbia), and Lee High School all offer their own athletics programs which students are able to participate in.

Home School Rule

A student who attends a magnet school that does not offer interscholastic athletics may participate in athletics at the student's home school within the same school system if all eligibility requirements are met.  The home school is based on the parents' residence.  If a magnet school has athletics, the overlapping school rules apply (see below).

Determination of Undefined School Zones

School bus routes within county and city school systems establish the school zones used to determine athletic eligibility.  When bus routes cross country or city boundary lines, these routes will establish the school zones used in determining eligibility if there is an agreement between the school systems involved.

Overlapping School Zones

A student whose parents reside in an area served by more than one school live in the school zone of each school, thus in overlapping school zones.  A student who changes schools within these overlapping school zones is ineligible for one year at the new school.  Note: A student that transfers from a school within these overlapping school zones remains ineligible for one year at any of the other schools within these overlapping school zones.  This rule applies to IB students as well as magnet school students.

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