Common Questions about Student Funds

  • Account Funds
    • Any funds that have not been used on your child’s meal account will automatically carry to the new school year, even if they change schools within the district or if the software/on-line payment system changes. Any balance remaining on an account at the end of the year will be carrier forward to the next school year.
  • Balance Transfers 
    • If all or a portion of the remaining funds on your child’s account needs to be transferred to another child (i.e. the older sibling graduated and you would like to move the remaining funds to another sibling’s account), please contact the CNP Office for processing.
  • Enrollment Information
    • Once a school year ends, your child may continue to show in their prior school and/or grade level for a period of time during the summer months.  Once the school district has performed a rollover to the new school year, their information will update automatically on
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