T-Mobile EmpowerED

T-Mobile EmpowerED Program with Huntsville City Schools.

The goal of the T-Mobile EmpowerED program is to close the achievement gap by providing a way for economically disadvantaged families to have internet access at home to help with their child’s school work. The initial 24 academic month program began in August of 2017 with 3000 devices being distributed to students across the district who met the need requirement for home internet access. An additional 3000 hotspots for 2nd Semester of SY 2018-19 are allocated to Federally Funded school in HCS and select schools showing high need with low participation during the first distribution. Any excess devices will be distributed by request on first come first serve basis thereafter.

Students and Parents/Guardians agree to the following:

  • The hot spot will be free to use for 2 years.
  • The hot spot will be used for academic purposes.
  • The student must never bring the hot spot to school.
  • The hot spot will be returned to your child's school librarian if leaving the district.
  • Lost or stolen hot spots will be reported immediately to the school library media specialist, or if after school hours, to the Huntsville City Schools Help Desk at (256) 428-6900 to leave a message including the student's name and school.

For our student safety, parents/guardians and students should understand that T-Mobile provides internet filtering appropriate for all students.

Each hotspot performs at peak 2GB of high-speed data per month, followed by data at reduced speeds up to 128kbps through the remaining monthly data cycle.

More information on the T-Mobile EmpowerED Program can be found by visiting the T-Mobile EmpowerED Site.

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