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Procedure for Complaint Submission






This document sets forth the process for resolving complaints presented by individuals or organizations to the Alabama State Department of Education (SDE). Such complaints may include information on how a school district, the SDE, or other entity has violated a federal law, rule, or regulation applicable to any “covered federal programs."


Note: Before submitting a complaint about a school or school district, the SDE requires that all complainants first complete the grievance procedures established by the Local Education Agency (LEA), if applicable. This may involve contacting the local school district, expressing concerns to the appropriate board employee, and receiving information on how to proceed.


Exception: As stated in NCLB Section 1120(b)(5) related to Private Schools and timely, meaningful consultations with LEAs, non-public school officials may apply for complaint relief directly to the SDE. This citation continues with the procedure, "Upon receipt of the formal written complaint, the SDE will notify the LEA of the complaint and request appropriate documentation."



The procedures for resolving written complaints satisfy 20 USC 7844(3)(C) and 20 USC 7883 (Section 9503)(a-b), and offer parents and other stakeholders concerned with the appropriate delivery of services to children a simple, straightforward method for considering their claims of inappropriate action.



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