Tips for Parents

Parent Involvement is Critical for Student Success

Parents Play an Important Role in Student Success

Parents are faced with another transition challenge as their student enters the ninth grade.  Most educators agree that ninth grade is the most important year of high school.  Studies show that across the nation, 33% of the students who completed the eighth grade last year will not graduate from high school four years from now.  More students fail the ninth grade year than any other grade.  In addition to academic concerns, fourteen and fifteen -year- old teens are facing social challenges and have been shown to experience increased anxiety, decreased feelings of connectedness, and changes in their relationships with their parents.  These students need the support of their parents now more than ever.

How Can Parents Help their Freshman Student

  • Proactively monitor every aspect of your student's life.

  • Set goals with your student, and revisit those goals often.

  • Educate yourself about school policies and follow them.

  • Develop procedures and protocols that define how work is done at home.

  • Require the use of daily student planner and monitor it.

  • Establish boundaries to assist your student with time management.

  • Form positive relationships with the school and get involved.

  • Attend school events of your child whenever possible.

  • Subscribe to any school email distribution lists and register for iNow Parent Portal.

Based on The Insider's Guide to High School: A Parent's Handbook for the Ninth Grade Year by Tim Healey and Alex Carter

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