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Welcome to High School!

Entering high school is a very exciting time! Because your 9th grade year is so important to the success of the next four years and beyond, the Huntsville City Schools wants to provide you with additional support to get your freshman year off to a great start!  More than likely you are experiencing many different emotions; this is normal, and once school gets started, you will begin to feel more comfortable every day. Your administrators, teachers and counselor will be with you each step of the way. 

Ninth grade is so important! In fact, many educators believe ninth grade is the most critical year in high school. For the very first time in your schooling, your grades and performance are tracked and recorded on a high school transcript. There are some things that you can do to prepare for the transition from middle school to high school.

Tips for a More Successful 9th Grade Year

  • Develop a vision for high school. What are your goals after high school? What will it take to achieve those goals? What is your back-up plan if you hit a road block?

  • Set high expectations for yourself. This is a fresh start for each 9th grade student. Work hard, and reach high to achieve your dreams.

  • Get organized!  First and foremost, find a student planner/agenda that you like. You will use this every day to write down assignments, projects, due dates, meeting times and other important school information. You will develop stronger time management skills using a daily planner. 

  • Develop rules for when and how homework will be done. Identify a quiet workspace, free from distraction. Homework should be done at the same time each day. Utilize your parents/guardians to review major assignments for proofing and editing. Understand the serious negative impact of a "zero."

  • Get involved at school. Students who are involved in school activities feel more connected to the school and are more likely to graduate on time. Know your scheduling limits, and do not overextend yourself. 

  •  Form positive school relationships. Always be respectful to faculty and staff. Thank those people who help you. Don't be afraid to ask an adult for help. Avoid the "gossip and rumor mills."

  •  Monitor your progress regularly. Keep track of your own progress, and let your teachers and parents know when you are struggling in a class. The sooner you let someone know you're having trouble, the faster some assistance will arrive.


Based on The Insider's Guide for High School Students: A Handbook for the Ninth Grade Year by Tim Healey and Alex Carter

Vocabulary Every High School Freshman Should Know - American Heritage Dictionary

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