2021-22 Spring Semester HVA Registration

Thank you for registering in Huntsville Virtual Academy, a virtual learning program for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade who are zoned for Huntsville City Schools and have completed enrollment.

  • Students will be required to maintain course grade averages of 70% or higher to remain in Huntsville Virtual Academy.
  • Students with course averages below 70% will be contacted by school administration to schedule an in person academic support time to address non-mastery of standards.
  • Students who have not shown course mastery in the Huntsville Virtual Academy will be contacted by the school principal to discuss student support plans for the second semester.

Virtual Attendance Procedures:
  • Attendance is a combination of measures that indicates if a student is demonstrating adequate participation (and therefore attendance).
  • This not only includes the actual attendance hours in Huntsville City Schools' learning platform, but also lesson and assignment completion and communication with teachers/ school administration.
  • In order to be in full attendance with Huntsville City Schools, a student must:
    • Complete and submit course assignments in accordance with due dates to make adequate progress toward course completion.
    • Communicate with Huntsville City School staff as needed via learning management platform, telephone conversations, and email correspondence.
    • Adhere to the Huntsville City Schools calendar for attendance days; however, students may choose to work on non-instructional days as long as they are on pace and displaying content mastery in all courses.

Factors for Success

    Students should be aware that success in an online environment is much different in a face-to-face environment and requires dedication and support. Here are a few qualities that will help students achieve greater success:

    • Appropriate time-management skills
    • Self-motivation
    • Able to learn independently
    • Strong reading and writing skills
    • Communication skills
    • Technical skills
    • Devices will be provided by Huntsville City Schools
    • The HVA student is required to have daily access to internet service

    Additional Information:

    With HVA, students will experience learning which occurs remotely with a Huntsville City Schools teacher, academic supports, and access to learning anywhere at anytime.  Since Huntsville Virtual Academy is a district-wide program, teacher assignments are subject to change from current teacher assignments. Students may be assigned a teacher from a school that is not their zoned school.

    Parents/guardians should complete the Huntsville Virtual Academy pre-registration form below. Once the registration form has been received, a representative of Huntsville City Schools will contact you about your child's acceptance into Huntsville Virtual Academy.

      More Information

      For more information about Huntsville Virtual Academy, please contact one of the HVA administrators: Dr. Stewart Thorson for students in grades K-5 or Dr. Michael Hambrick for students in grades 6-12.

      Is the student currently enrolled in the Huntsville City School District?

      A student must be enrolled in Huntsville City Schools before registering for the Huntsville Virtual Academy.

      To enroll your student, please visit the HCS Student Enrollment & Registration page.

      Student Information
      Please enter the student's first name.
      Please the students middle name
      Please enter the student's last name.
      Please enter the student's date of birth.
      School Information
      Please enter the student's school for the 2021-2022 school year.
      Please enter the student's grade level for the 2021-2022 school year.
      Parent/Guardian Information
      Please enter the parent or guardian's name.
      Please enter the parent or guardian's street address. (Ex. 123 Smith St.)
      Please enter the parent or guardian's city of residence.
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