School Weather Delay
Huntsville City Schools will delay the start of classes by one hour on Thursday, January 18, 2018, due to extreme cold weather conditions. Buses will run on a one-hour delayed schedule. Please click the link below for further information about specific start times.

Lee High School

Lee High School Creative and Performing Arts

Mission Statement

Provide student-artists the opportunity to explore their selected craft through specialized curricula and faculty at Huntsville’s premiere creative and performing arts high school.

The Creative & Performing Arts Magnet at Lee High School has been the standard of high school Fine Arts programs for over 25 years. By embracing diversity, we appreciate the richness of that exists in our famiLEE. As part of an authentic life and the education of the whole student, we work to extend academics into the work of the creative and performing arts in order to develop not only talent, but student voice.

Honors and AP Courses are offered in both academics and arts courses. Students develop the work ethic and growth mindset needed to become college and career ready.

Available Areas of Concentration

  • New Media Production: Creative Writing & Video Broadcast Journalism
  • Performing Arts: Dramatic Arts & Theatre Production
  • Visual Arts: Art & Photography
  • Dance
  • Music: Instrumental Performance & Vocal Performance

Requirements to Apply

  1. Interested students from throughout the Huntsville City School system may submit an application for a choice of up to two magnet programs and/or schools.
  2. A central application for all magnet programs can be accessed and submitted online during a designated application window time period (Oct. 3 - Nov. 4).
  3. Students apply for the next academic year in the fall of the current year.
  4. In addition to the online application, students must audition for each program for which they wish to be considered. Specific program requirements for auditions are listed on the school’s website. A committee will judge holistically the interest, experience, and commitment to the magnet theme from each new applicant.
  5. Grade Average – 70%
  6. If the number of selected applicants per program exceeds the number of seats available, the District will use a lottery to admit students.

For questions, please contact Ms. Megan Carroll.

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