2021-22 COVID-19 Mitigation Procedures

On July 26th, 2021, the Superintendent announced to the community that Huntsville City Schools (“HCS”) would be implementing procedures to address the spread of COVID-19.  The Superintendent is authorized to create these procedures under HCS Policy 4.18 regarding Public Health Precautions and Infectious Disease Mitigation which states that: The Superintendent is authorized to develop public health precautions and infectious disease mitigation procedures for all schools and other Board properties and all school sponsored activities.  Use the More Information button below to learn more and to see current COVID-19 mitigation procedures.


HCS Primary Telephone: 256-428-6800 After-Hours Emergency Contact: 256-428-8355
Image Name (last, first)sort descending Job Title Phone Department
Anderson, Loren Administrative Assistant loren.anderson@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6877 Human Resources
Connie Baer Baer, Connie Social Worker connie.baer@hsv-k12.org 256-316-3228 Student Welfare and Social Services
Barnett, Brian Video Production Specialist brian.barnett@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7860 Communications and ETV
Ann Marie Batista wearing a purple sweater Batista, Ann Marie ESOL Coordinator ann.batista@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6978 English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Battles, Tonia Truancy Specialist Tonia.Battles@hsv-k12.org 256-334-9712 Student Welfare & Social Services
Leigh Ann Brown Brown, Leigh Ann Counseling Services Coordinator leighann.brown@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6925 School Counseling Services
Buck, Brandi Administrative Assistant brandi.buck@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6805 Strategy & Innovation
Rhonda Childress Childress, Rhonda I. T. Manager rhonda.childress@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6919 I. T. Department
Clark, Tavares Human Resources Specialist tavares.clark@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6866 Human Resources
Kimberly Collier Collier, Kimberly Administrative Assistant kimberly.collier@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6867 Athletics & Extracurricular Activities
Patricia Corbitt Corbitt, Patricia Social Worker patricia.corbitt@hsv-k12.org 256-316-3234 Student Welfare and Social Services
Creel, Matthew Student Outcomes Data Strategist matthew.creel@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6988 Assessment and Accountability
Sheri Crigger Crigger, Sheri District College and Career Counselor serving Grissom, Lee, & Jemison High Schools sheri.crigger@hsv-k12.org 256-529-8842 School Counseling Services
Crowe, Jonathan ETV Director jonathan.crowe@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7860 Communications and ETV
Daehn, Dustin Chief School Financial Officer Dustin.Daehn@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6851 Finance
Darby, Trena Payroll Specialist trena.darby@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6847 Payroll
Dent, Teresa Behavioral Specialist teresa.dent@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6889 Behavioral Learning
Chrissy Depew Depew, Christine Administrative Assistant christine.depew@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6955 Child Nutrition Program
Dothard, Cristy School Readiness Specialist cristy.dothard@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6940 School Readiness
Drake, Helen Job Coach helen.drake@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6872 Special Education
Scott Eason Eason, Scott Print Shop Supervisor scott.eason@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8359 Operations
Edgecombe, Leah District Curriculum Specialist leah.edgecombe@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6987 Magnet Programs
Ms. Emily Elam Elam, Emily Chief Information Officer Emily.Elam@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6901 Digital Learning
Maude Ellison Ellison, Maude Facility Use Coordinator maude.ellison@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8370 Operations
Emergency Contact 256-428-8355
Elisa Ferrell Ferrell, Elisa Member, Board of Education - District 3 Elisa.Ferrell@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6826 Board of Education
Superintendent Christie Finley Finley, Christie Superintendent superintendent@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6812 Superintendent
Fisher, Micah Human Resources Director micah.fisher@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6874 Human Resources
Elizabeth Fleming Headshot Fleming, Elizabeth Director of Public Development Elizabeth.Fleming@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6923 Superintendent
Ms. Terra Fletcher Fletcher, Terra Anderson Records Management Specialist Terra.Fletcher@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8363 Records
Foster, Erroyl Student Transition Support Specialist Erroyl.Foster@hsv-k12.org 256-348-7228 Student Welfare & Social Services
Frazier, Cherece Administrative Assistant cherece.frazier@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6880 Federal Programs
Garrett, Ruth Executive Administrative Assistant to the Board ruth.garrett@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6826 Board of Education
Scott Gillies Gillies, Scott Transportation Coordinator scott.gillies@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8352 Operations
Head-shoulders image of Ms. Sherri Goodwin Goodwin, Sherri Resource Coordinator sherri.goodwin@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6936 Special Education
Graham, Wendy Gifted Services Coordinator wendy.graham@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6872 Ext. 6044 Special Education
Mr. Cary Grant head/shoulders in front of the U.S. Flag Grant, Cary Student Welfare and Social Services Director cary.grant@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6890 Student Welfare and Social Services
Graves, Sage Administrative Assistant sage.graves@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6872 Ext. 6032 Special Education
Green, Jasmine Social Worker Jasmine.Green@hsv-k12.org 256-337-5284 Student Welfare & Social Services
Haraway, Donna Senior Buyer donna.haraway@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6935 Purchasing
Harbin, Donna Data Management Specialist donna.harbin@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6913 Special Education
Harden, Nicole Special Population Liaison nicole.harden@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6880 Federal Programs
Head/shoulder image of Mr. Louis "Lontrell" Harris Harris, Louis ("Lontrell") Asset Management Coordinator louis.harris@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8310 Operations
Holton, Elizabeth Benefits and Compensation Coordinator elizabeth.holton@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6842 Human Resources
Horton, Jennifer Program Compliance Monitor jennifer.horton@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6880 Federal Programs
Ms. Christy Hubbard Hubbard, Christy Career Coach Christy.Hubbard@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7810 Career Readiness
Hunsecker, Susan School Readiness Specialist susan.hunsecker@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6922 School Readiness
Isenhower, Ben Media Content Coordinator benjamin.isenhower@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7860 Communications and ETV
Mr. Warren Jackson head/shoulders image Jackson, Warren D. Facilities Coordinator warren.jackson@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8342 Operations
Jefferson, Whitney Social Worker Whitney.Jefferson@hsv-k12.org 256-316-3234 Student Welfare & Social Services
Ms. Mona  Johnson Johnson, Mona Payroll Specialist Mona.Johnson@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6857 Finance
Keller, Beth Digital Curriculum Coordinator elizabeth.keller@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6876 Digital Learning
Key, Jennifer Lead Student Data Specialist jennifer.key@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6854 Assessment and Accountability
Al Lankford Lankford, Al Security Operations Coordinator alfred.lankford@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8355 Operations
Dr. Monte Linebarger head/shoulders Linebarger, Monte Director of Elementary Instruction Monte.Linebarger@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6942 Elementary Programs
Lockhart, D'Eisha Administrative Assistant deisha.lockhart@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6807 Compliance
Long, Elizabeth Director, Special Education elizabeth.long@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6872 Ext. 6020 Special Education
Long, Peggy Collaborative Services Coordinator peggy.long@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6872 Ext. 6021; 256-541-4056 Special Education
Martin, Linda Executive Administrative Assistant linda.martin@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6818 Deputy Superintendent
Mason, Jana Monitor Nurse jana.mason@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6830 Health Services
Carlos Matthews wearing a gray suit Mathews, Carlos Member, Board of Education - District 5 Carlos.Mathews@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6826 Board of Education
Patricia McKellery McKellery, Patricia Social Worker patricia.mckellery@hsv-k12.org 256-316-3233 Student Welfare and Social Services
McNeal, Cathy Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer mary.mcneal@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6966 Strategy & Innovation
Miller, Steven District Curriculum Specialist (Social Studies) steven.miller@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6034 Elementary Programs
Mooneyham, Melani INow Software Generalist melani.mooneyham@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6914 Assessment and Accountability
Head & Shoulders image of Ms. Letricia Ogutu Ogutu, Letricia Mental Health Services Coordinator Letricia.Ogutu@hsv-k12.org 256-679-7669 Student Welfare & Social Services
Pamela Palmer Palmer, Pamela Administrative Assistant/Homebound Coordinator pamela.palmer@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6890 Student Welfare and Social Services
Antoinette Parker Parker, Antoinette District Curriculum Specialist (English, AP, Honors) antoinette.parker@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6873 Secondary Programs
Andrea Penn Penn, Andrea Health Services Coordinator andrea.penn@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6835 Health Services
Head/Shoulders image of Pam Phillips Phillips, Pam Procurement Director pam.phillips@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6934 Purchasing
Ms. Tyra Pickens Pickens, Tyra District Curriculum Specialist (Social Studies, AP, Honors, Laying the Foundation) tyra.pickens@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6962 Secondary Programs
Pilotte, Amanda Career & Technical Education Counselor Amanda.Pilotte@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7810 Career Readiness
Pippen, Paula District Curriculum Specialist/ELA Acceleration Coordinator (ELA) paula.pippen@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6923 Elementary Programs
Pope, Linda Administrative Assistant linda.pope@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6894 Behavioral Learning
Porter, Rita Financial Accounting Supervisor Rita.Porter@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6948 Payroll
Porter, Rita Payroll Specialist rita.porter@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6857 Payroll
William Priest Priest, William Maintenance Manager william.priest@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8310 Operations
Redmond, Kevin J. District Webmaster kevin.redmond@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7860 Communications and ETV
Renaud, Ryan Member, Board of Education - District 4 Ryan.Renaud@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6826 Board of Education
Rice, Allicyn Administrative Assistant allicyn.rice@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6886 School Readiness
Head/Shoulders image of Ms. Jennifer Rice Rice, Jennifer Payroll Specialist jennifer.rice@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6928 Payroll
Robinson, Mary Outreach/Parent Liaison robinson.mary@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6880 Federal Programs
Karen Rodriguez headshot Rodriguez, Karen Culinary Instructor, Serv Safe Instructor/Proctor, Pro Start 1 & 2 Certified Instructor karen.rodriguez@hsv-k12.org Secondary Programs
Rogers, Janice Finance Specialist janice.rogers@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6806 Finance
Roper, Veronica Assessment Specialist veronica.roper@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6969 Assessment and Accountability
Scott, Helen Director of School Readiness helen.scott@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6995 School Readiness
Dr. Timothy Scott head/shoulders in front of the U.S. Flag Scott, Timothy Deputy Superintendent of Instruction Timothy.Scott@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6818 Academic Programs
Julie Shewmaker head/shoulders image Shewmaker, Julie Administrative Assistant Julie.Shewmaker@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6834 School Counseling Services
Lee Simmons head/shoulders Simmons, Lee Talent Management Director lee.simmons@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6801 Talent Management
Tasheria Small head and shoulders Small, Tasheria Professional Development Specialist Tasheria.Small@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6984 Talent Management
Dr. George Smith Smith, George Chief Student Equity Officer george.smith@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6980 Superintendent
Ms. Towana Smith head/shoulders in front of American Flag Smith, Towana Federal Programs Coordinator towana.smith@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6880 Federal Programs
Head Shot image of Mr. Scott Stapler Stapler, Scott Athletics Coordinator scott.stapler@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6867 Athletics & Extracurricular Activities
Stewart, Latasha Executive Administrative Assistant latasha.stewart@hsv -k12.org 256-428-6975 Secondary Programs
Dr. Clarence Sutton headshot Sutton, Clarence Deputy Superintendent of Learning Supports Clarence.Sutton@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6970 Secondary Programs
Teague, Lisa Executive Administrative Assistant lisa.teague@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6812 Superintendent
Head/shoulders image of Robert J Terry Terry, Robert J. Risk Management & Audit Coordinator Robert.Terry@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6849 Finance
Celina Tintori Tintori, Celina Social Worker celina.tintori@hsv-k12.org 256-529-8453 Student Welfare and Social Services
Turner, Rachael District Curriculum Specialist (Greenpower, Math) rachael.turner@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6946 Elementary Programs
Mark VanHooser head and shoulders VanHooser, Mark District Curriculum Specialist (Mathematics) Mark.VanHooser@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6963 Secondary Programs
Dr Melissa Veasy-Lindsey Veasy-Lindsey, Melissa Executive Director of Prevention & Support Services Melissa.Lindsey@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6970 Secondary Programs
Ms. Carolyn Wade Wade, Carolyn Career Coach Carolyn.Wade@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7810 Career Readiness
Walton, Roxie Administrative Assistant roxie.walton@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6901 Digital Learning
Mr. Henry Ward Ward, Henry Director, Child Nutrition Program henry.ward@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6957 Child Nutrition Program
Michelle Watkins Watkins, Michelle Member, Board of Education - District 1 Michelle.Watkins@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6826 Board of Education
Shirley Wellington Wellington, Shirley Compliance Officer & Policy Administrator shirley.wellington@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6836 Compliance
Wethington-nagy Lana Wethington-Nagy, Lana Monitor Nurse lana.wethington-nagy@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6830 Health Services
Wilbanks, Gretchen Human Resources Clerk gretchen.wilbanks@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6843 Human Resources
Beth Wilder Wilder, Beth Member, Board of Education - District 2 Beth.Wilder@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6826 Board of Education
Mr Craig Williams Head/Shoulders shot Williams, Craig Chief Communications Officer craig.williams@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7860 Communications and ETV
Deandrea Williams head/shoulders Williams, Deandrea Work Based Learning Coordinator deandrea.williams@hsv-k12.org 256-384-5202 Secondary Programs
Williams, Emmett Truancy Specialist Emmett.Williams@hsv-k12.org 256-334-9689 Student Welfare & Social Services
Dr. Jeff Wilson head/shoulders Wilson, Jeffrey Director of Operations jeffrey.wilson@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8310 Operations
Head & Shoulders image of Ms. Nancy Wolfe in Black and White Wolfe, Nancy District College and Career Counselor serving Columbia and New Century Technology High Schools nancy.wolfe@hsv-k12.org 256-348-8443 School Counseling Services
Ms Leanetta Wright Wright, Leanetta Finance Director Leanetta.Wright@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6875 Finance
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