09-01-20 Update to Student Return Plan

The district has released updated information regarding the plan to return students to in-person instruction beginning in September.  To learn about the details of that plan, including dates of return by grade-level, click the More Information link below.


HCS Primary Telephone: 256-428-6800 After-Hours Emergency Contact: 256-428-8355
Image Name (last, first)sort descending Job Title Phone Department
Anderson, Loren Administrative Assistant loren.anderson@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6877 Human Resources
Rena Anderson head/shoulders Anderson, Rena Director, Community Relations rena.anderson@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6943 Communications and ETV
Connie Baer Baer, Connie Social Worker connie.baer@hsv-k12.org 256-316-3228 Student Welfare and Social Services
Barnett, Brian Video Production Specialist brian.barnett@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7860 Communications and ETV
Ann Marie Batista wearing a purple sweater Batista, Ann Marie ESOL Coordinator ann.batista@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6978 English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Battles, Tonia Truancy Specialist Tonia.Battles@hsv-k12.org 256-334-9712 Student Welfare & Social Services
Leigh Ann Brown Brown, Leigh Ann Counseling Services Coordinator leighann.brown@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6925 School Counseling Services
Buck, Brandi Administrative Assistant brandi.buck@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6805 Strategy & Innovation
Rhonda Childress Childress, Rhonda I. T. Manager rhonda.childress@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6919 I. T. Department
Donna Clark head and shoulders Clark, Donna Behavioral Learning Coordinator donna.clark@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6894 Behavioral Learning
Clark, Tavares Human Resources Specialist tavares.clark@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6866 Human Resources
Kimberly Collier Collier, Kimberly Administrative Assistant kimberly.collier@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6867 Athletics & Extracurricular Activities
Patricia Corbitt Corbitt, Patricia Social Worker patricia.corbitt@hsv-k12.org 256-316-3234 Student Welfare and Social Services
Creel, Matthew Student Outcomes Data Strategist matthew.creel@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6988 Assessment and Accountability
Sheri Crigger Crigger, Sheri District College and Career Counselor serving Grissom, Lee, & Jemison High Schools sheri.crigger@hsv-k12.org 256-529-8842 School Counseling Services
Crowe, Jonathan ETV Director jonathan.crowe@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7860 Communications and ETV
Daehn, Dustin Chief School Financial Officer Dustin.Daehn@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6851 Finance
Darby, Trena Payroll Specialist trena.darby@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6847 Payroll
Debord, Michelle Human Resources Coordinator michelle.debord@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6803 Human Resources
Dent, Teresa Behavioral Specialist teresa.dent@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6889 Behavioral Learning
Chrissy Depew Depew, Christine Administrative Assistant christine.depew@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6955 Child Nutrition Program
Dothard, Cristy School Readiness Specialist cristy.dothard@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6940 School Readiness
Drake, Helen Job Coach helen.drake@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6872 Special Education
Scott Eason Eason, Scott Print Shop Supervisor scott.eason@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8359 Operations
Edgecombe, Leah District Curriculum Specialist leah.edgecombe@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6987 Magnet Programs
Maude Ellison Ellison, Maude Facility Use Coordinator maude.ellison@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8370 Operations
Emergency Contact 256-428-8355
Elisa Ferrell Ferrell, Elisa Member, Board of Education - District 3 Elisa.Ferrell@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6826 Board of Education
Superintendent Christie Finley Finley, Christie Superintendent superintendent@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6812 Superintendent
Fisher, Micah Human Resources Director micah.fisher@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6874 Human Resources
Ms. Terra Fletcher Fletcher, Terra Anderson Records Management Specialist Terra.Fletcher@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8363 Records
Foster, Erroyl Student Transition Support Specialist Erroyl.Foster@hsv-k12.org 256-348-7228 Student Welfare & Social Services
Frazier, Cherece Administrative Assistant cherece.frazier@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6880 Federal Programs
Fussell, Julie Lead Financial Coordinator julie.fussell@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6856 Finance
Garrett, Ruth Executive Administrative Assistant to the Board ruth.garrett@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6826 Board of Education
Scott Gillies Gillies, Scott Transportation Coordinator scott.gillies@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8352 Operations
Head-shoulders image of Ms. Sherri Goodwin Goodwin, Sherri Resource Coordinator sherri.goodwin@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6936 Special Education
Graham, Wendy Gifted Services Coordinator wendy.graham@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6872 Ext. 6044 Special Education
Mr. Cary Grant head/shoulders in front of the U.S. Flag Grant, Cary Student Welfare and Social Services Director cary.grant@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6890 Student Welfare and Social Services
Graves, Sage Administrative Assistant sage.graves@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6872 Ext. 6032 Special Education
Green, Jasmine Social Worker Jasmine.Green@hsv-k12.org 256-337-5284 Student Welfare & Social Services
Haraway, Donna Senior Buyer donna.haraway@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6935 Purchasing
Harbin, Donna Data Management Specialist donna.harbin@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6913 Special Education
Harden, Nicole Special Population Liaison nicole.harden@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6880 Federal Programs
Head/shoulder image of Mr. Louis "Lontrell" Harris Harris, Louis ("Lontrell") Asset Management Coordinator louis.harris@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8310 Operations
Holton, Elizabeth Benefits and Compensation Coordinator elizabeth.holton@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6842 Human Resources
Horton, Jennifer Program Compliance Monitor jennifer.horton@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6880 Federal Programs
Ms. Christy Hubbard Hubbard, Christy Career Coach Christy.Hubbard@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7810 Career Readiness
Hunsecker, Susan School Readiness Specialist susan.hunsecker@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6922 School Readiness
Isenhower, Ben Media Content Coordinator benjamin.isenhower@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7860 Communications and ETV
Mr. Warren Jackson head/shoulders image Jackson, Warren D. Facilities Coordinator warren.jackson@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8342 Operations
Keller, Beth Digital Curriculum Coordinator elizabeth.keller@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6876 Digital Learning
Key, Jennifer Lead Student Data Specialist jennifer.key@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6854 Assessment and Accountability
Al Lankford Lankford, Al Security Operations Coordinator alfred.lankford@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8355 Operations
Dr. Monte Linebarger head/shoulders Linebarger, Monte Director of Elementary Instruction Monte.Linebarger@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6942 Elementary Programs
Lockhart, D'Eisha Administrative Assistant deisha.lockhart@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6807 Compliance
Long, Elizabeth Director, Special Education elizabeth.long@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6872 Ext. 6020 Special Education
Long, Peggy Collaborative Services Coordinator peggy.long@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6872 Ext. 6021; 256-541-4056 Special Education
Martin, Linda Executive Administrative Assistant linda.martin@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6818 Deputy Superintendent
Mason, Jana Monitor Nurse jana.mason@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6830 Health Services
Carlos Matthews wearing a gray suit Mathews, Carlos Member, Board of Education - District 5 Carlos.Mathews@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6826 Board of Education
Walker McGinnis McGinnis, Walker Member, Board of Education - District 4 Walker.McGinnis@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6826 Board of Education
Patricia McKellery McKellery, Patricia Social Worker patricia.mckellery@hsv-k12.org 256-316-3233 Student Welfare and Social Services
McNeal, Cathy Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer mary.mcneal@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6966 Strategy & Innovation
Shirley Miller Head-shot Miller, Shirley Financial Accounting Supervisor - AP shirley.miller@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6910 Finance
Miller, Steven District Curriculum Specialist (Social Studies) steven.miller@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6034 Elementary Programs
Mooneyham, Melani INow Software Generalist melani.mooneyham@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6914 Assessment and Accountability
Onder, Marjorie Financial Accounting Supervisor Marjorie.Onder@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6948 Payroll
Pamela Palmer Palmer, Pamela Administrative Assistant/Homebound Coordinator pamela.palmer@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6890 Student Welfare and Social Services
Antoinette Parker Parker, Antoinette District Curriculum Specialist (English, AP, Honors) antoinette.parker@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6873 Secondary Programs
Andrea Penn Penn, Andrea Health Services Coordinator andrea.penn@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6835 Health Services
Phillips, Pam Procurement Director pam.phillips@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6934 Purchasing
Ms. Tyra Pickens Pickens, Tyra District Curriculum Specialist (Social Studies, AP, Honors, Laying the Foundation) tyra.pickens@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6962 Secondary Programs
Pippen, Paula District Curriculum Specialist/ELA Acceleration Coordinator (ELA) paula.pippen@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6923 Elementary Programs
Pope, Linda Administrative Assistant linda.pope@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6894 Behavioral Learning
Porter, Rita Payroll Specialist rita.porter@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6857 Payroll
William Priest Priest, William Maintenance Manager william.priest@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8310 Operations
Redmond, Kevin J. District Webmaster kevin.redmond@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7860 Communications and ETV
Rice, Allicyn Administrative Assistant allicyn.rice@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6886 School Readiness
Head/Shoulders image of Ms. Jennifer Rice Rice, Jennifer Administrative Assistant jennifer.rice@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6834 School Counseling Services
Robinson, Mary Outreach/Parent Liaison robinson.mary@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6880 Federal Programs
Karen Rodriguez headshot Rodriguez, Karen Culinary Instructor, Serv Safe Instructor/Proctor, Pro Start 1 & 2 Certified Instructor karen.rodriguez@hsv-k12.org Secondary Programs
Rogers, Janice Finance Specialist janice.rogers@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6806 Finance
Roper, Veronica Assessment Specialist veronica.roper@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6969 Assessment and Accountability
Scott, Helen Director of School Readiness helen.scott@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6995 School Readiness
Dr. Timothy Scott head/shoulders in front of the U.S. Flag Scott, Timothy Deputy Superintendent of Instruction Timothy.Scott@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6818 Academic Programs
Lee Simmons head/shoulders Simmons, Lee Talent Management Director lee.simmons@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6801 Talent Management
Tasheria Small head and shoulders Small, Tasheria Professional Development Specialist Tasheria.Small@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6984 Talent Management
Smith, George Data Strategist george.smith@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6980 Assessment and Accountability
Ms. Towana Smith head/shoulders in front of American Flag Smith, Towana Federal Programs Coordinator towana.smith@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6880 Federal Programs
Head Shot image of Mr. Scott Stapler Stapler, Scott Athletics Coordinator scott.stapler@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6867 Athletics & Extracurricular Activities
Stewart, Latasha Executive Administrative Assistant latasha.stewart@hsv -k12.org 256-428-6975 Secondary Programs
Dr. Clarence Sutton headshot Sutton, Clarence Deputy Superintendent of Learning Supports Clarence.Sutton@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6970 Secondary Programs
Teague, Lisa Executive Administrative Assistant lisa.teague@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6812 Superintendent
Head/shoulders image of Robert J Terry Terry, Robert J. Risk Management & Audit Coordinator Robert.Terry@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6849 Finance
Celina Tintori Tintori, Celina Social Worker celina.tintori@hsv-k12.org 256-529-8453 Student Welfare and Social Services
Turner, Rachael District Curriculum Specialist (Greenpower, Math) rachael.turner@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6946 Elementary Programs
Mark VanHooser head and shoulders VanHooser, Mark District Curriculum Specialist (Mathematics) Mark.VanHooser@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6963 Secondary Programs
Ms. Carolyn Wade Wade, Carolyn Career Coach Carolyn.Wade@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7810 Career Readiness
Walton, Roxie Administrative Assistant roxie.walton@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6901 Digital Learning
Mr. Henry Ward Ward, Henry Director, Child Nutrition Program henry.ward@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6957 Child Nutrition Program
Michelle Watkins Watkins, Michelle Member, Board of Education - District 1 Michelle.Watkins@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6826 Board of Education
Watkins, Todd J. Director of Information Technology todd.watkins@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7810 Digital Learning
Shirley Wellington Wellington, Shirley Compliance Officer & Policy Administrator shirley.wellington@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6836 Compliance
Wethington-nagy Lana Wethington-Nagy, Lana Monitor Nurse lana.wethington-nagy@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6830 Health Services
Scott Wiginton head and shoulders Wiginton, Scott Director of Career & Technical Education Scott.Wiginton@hsv-k12.org 256-425-6183 Secondary Programs
Wilbanks, Gretchen Human Resources Clerk gretchen.wilbanks@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6843 Human Resources
Beth Wilder Wilder, Beth Member, Board of Education - District 2 Beth.Wilder@hsv-k12.org 256-428-6826 Board of Education
Mr Craig Williams Head/Shoulders shot Williams, Craig Chief Communications Officer craig.williams@hsv-k12.org 256-428-7860 Communications and ETV
Deandrea Williams head/shoulders Williams, Deandrea Work Based Learning Coordinator deandrea.williams@hsv-k12.org 256-384-5202 Secondary Programs
Williams, Emmett Truancy Specialist Emmett.Williams@hsv-k12.org 256-334-9689 Student Welfare & Social Services
Dr. Jeff Wilson head/shoulders Wilson, Jeffrey Director of Operations jeffrey.wilson@hsv-k12.org 256-428-8310 Operations
Head & Shoulders image of Ms. Nancy Wolfe in Black and White Wolfe, Nancy District College and Career Counselor serving Columbia and New Century Technology High Schools nancy.wolfe@hsv-k12.org 256-348-8443 School Counseling Services
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