HCS Primary Telephone: 256-428-6800
After-Hours Emergency Contact: 256-428-8355
Image Name (last, first) Job Title Email Phone Department
Emergency Contact 256-428-8355
Wilbanks, Gretchen Human Resources Specialist Contact 256-963-9845 Human Resources
Elizabeth Long, Elizabeth 256-963-9789 Contact Special Education elizabeth.long@hsv-k12.org
Frazier, Cherece Administrative Assistant Contact 256-428-6880 Federal Programs
Kimberly Collier, Kimberly Administrative Assistant Contact 256-428-6869 Athletics & Extracurricular Activities
Pope, Linda Administrative Assistant Contact 256-963-9805 Behavioral Learning
Wagoner, Selena Administrative Assistant Contact 256-428-6966 Strategy & Innovation
Loren Anderson, Loren Administrative Assistant Contact 256-963-9843 Human Resources
Lavonne McFarlane, Lavonne Administrative Assistant Contact 256-963-9788 Special Education
Walton, Roxie Administrative Assistant Contact 256-428-6901 Digital Learning (IT)
Lockhart, D'Eisha Administrative Assistant Contact 256-428-6807 Compliance
Graves, Sage Administrative Assistant Contact 256-963-9789 Special Education
Brittley Graviet, Brittley Administrative Assistant Contact 256-428-6929 Secondary Programs
Rice, Allicyn Administrative Assistant Contact 256-428-6886 School Readiness
Julie Shewmaker, Julie Administrative Assistant Contact 256-963-9831 School Counseling Services
Marcott, Linda Administrative Assistant Contact 256-428-7860 Communications & ETV
Chrissy Depew, Christine Administrative Assistant Contact 256-428-6955 Child Nutrition Program
Amy Robertson, Amy Administrative Assistant Contact 256-428-8341 Operations
Pamela Palmer, Pamela Administrative Assistant/Homebound Coordinator Contact 256-963-9806 Student Welfare and Social Services
Roper, Veronica Assessment Specialist Contact 256-428-6969 Assessment and Accountability
Louis Harris, Louis ("Lontrell") Asset Management Coordinator Contact 256-428-8310 Operations
Mac Howard, Mac Athletics Coordinator Contact 256-428-6867 Athletics & Extracurricular Activities
Dent, Teresa Behavioral Specialist Contact 256-963-9805 Behavioral Learning
Holton, Elizabeth Benefits and Compensation Coordinator Contact 256-963-9842 Human Resources
Zachary McWhorter, Zachary Career & Technical Education Director Contact 256-963-9826 Career Readiness
Ms Jade Chappell Chappell, Jade Career Coach Contact 256-428-7810 Career Readiness
Carolyn Wade, Carolyn Career Coach Contact 256-428-7810 Career Readiness
Craig Williams, Craig Chief Communications Officer Contact 256-428-7860 Communications and ETV
Emily Elam, Emily Chief Information Officer Contact 256-428-6901 Digital Learning (IT)
Craig, Andy Chief School Financial Officer Contact 256-428-6852 Finance
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Names of Officers, Members or Owners of Concern, Partnership, Etc.

Names of Officers, Members or Owners of Concern, Partnership, Etc.

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