Artwork from Williams P-8 Student Selected as Alabama’s “Google Doodle”

Zoe Johnson, a sixth-grade student at Williams P-8, enjoyed a huge surprise today when staff from Google unveiled her artwork, which was selected as Alabama’s winner of the Doodle for Google competition.  In addition to the honor of being selected as the winner for Alabama, Zoe also received a t-shirt made from her artwork and a Google tablet device.  If selected as a national winner, Zoe will win a $30,000 scholarship, a $50,000 grant for her school, and a trip to the San Francisco area.

Zoe was thrilled to have been picked, saying “it’s really exciting to get picked for something this big, national even.”  Zoe’s artwork, pictured below, includes an astronaut in space, a diver underwater, and two multicultural hands locked together.  Zoe says she wanted to evoke a sense of “unity and hope for equality in the future.”  The artwork took her a little over a month to complete.

The Google Doodle, which first appeared in 1998 as a humble stick figure showing that the company’s staff was out of the office, has gained notoriety and fame as a staple of the Google website.  Doodles often replace the company logo with artwork and interactive games to highlight holidays and important historic figures.  According to Max Rosero, one of the Google representatives presenting the award, the contest is “an opportunity to express their creativity in a way they don’t get to every day.”

The Doodle for Google competition is held annually and is open to students in grades K-12.  This year Google received over 100,000 entries nationwide.

Click here to cast a vote in the national competition for Zoe's Doodle!


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