Blossomwood Elementary Celebrates Black History Month

Blossomwood Elementary School held a Black History Program to honor the accomplishments and importance of historic figures and how they helped to pave the way for the future.  The ceremony was organized to highlight the diversity both here in Huntsville and nationwide.  Students sang and performed brief skits where they presented characterizations of important civil rights leaders. Guest speakers included several local and national fraternities and sororities.

Darrell Thornton, a 6th grade teacher and one of the event organizers, was quick to point out that “Black History is not just for African-Americans, it’s for everybody.”  Principal Jamie Burton mentioned how important this program was for his faculty, staff, and students.  He said that “with the diversity we have here at Blossomwood, we thought that this was a tremendous opportunity to celebrate and recognize the achievements of African-Americans.”  He had high hopes that the program would lead his students to recognize that no matter where they come from, they can “dream big and accomplish great things.”  He also said that it was powerful for students to see other students at the college level demonstrating a spirit of community service.

A highlight of the program was when 6th grade student Devontae Cunningham recited Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous I Have a Dream speech.  Cunningham said, “I was honored to say the Martin Luther King [Jr.] speech, and to be able to have the confidence to stand in front of so many people.”  He practiced the speech for weeks, working to memorize the first five paragraphs by getting a lot of help from his friends and family, including some sage advice from his mother: “don’t be afraid […] because they are people just like me.”

Schools across the district will hold events and educational activities for Black History Month as a way to show students how influential African-American leaders have made a difference.  

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