Mask Matrix Designation Jan. 15-21

HCS will be operating in Masks Mandatory beginning Saturday, Jan. 15 through Friday, Jan. 21. HCS utilizes a Mask Matrix which decides between Masks Optional and Masks Mandatory depending on the overall community transmission rate for Madison County during the preceding 10 business days.  Use the More Information button below to access the COVID-19 Infocenter and view the full Mask Matrix.

BOE Update: Board Approves Academic Support Plan

Updated: 05/13/21

The Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) has approved the comprehensive Huntsville City Schools Academic Support Plan in support of the state's Road to Recovery plan.  View the complete plan:

At the 4-20-21 board meeting, the Huntsville City Schools Board of Education unanimously approved the proposed Academic Support Plan The district developed this support plan to address the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) Road to Recovery Plan’s request to address learning impacts caused by COVID-19.  Along with the ALSDE’s “3 Pillars” of high-quality instructional materials, high-quality professional development, and unfinished learning supports, the district incorporated ALSDE Road to Recovery Needs Assessment results, district and school data, and input from the Teacher Advisory Committee (TAC) to formulate the development of the HCS Academic Support Plan. 

As part of the plan, individual departments identified the following specific items to address the learning impacts caused by COVID-19, which can be seen below.

To see a complete list of items that were approved at this week’s board meeting, view the Digital 04-20-21 Board Meeting Agenda.

Academic Support Plan Department Specifics
  • Enhance the curriculum by obtaining additional curriculum materials
  • Provide a Summer Learning Academy for Pre-K students
  • Provide Pre-K high-quality classroom materials/supplies and professional development
  • Facilitate a successful transition to kindergarten
  • Provide parent engagement strategies
Elementary Programs (K-6)
  • Provide a Summer Learning Academy for K-3 elementary students
  • Provide a district-wide beginning of the year Acceleration Plan
  • Revisit ELA core and math instruction to ensure best practices
  • Develop and implement a “Reading and Math Focused Learning Time” daily at each school for K-5 students
  • Provide before and after school tutoring during the school year
  • Connect social studies and science units with classroom libraries
  • Provide tiered/targeted instruction in science
  • Provide targeted instruction via small group in science
  • Provide targeted kindergarten transition support to students with limited classroom experience
  • Increase the content and instructional rigor for all students
  • Design daily instructional lessons that ensure depth of instruction through engaging grade level content
  • Identify content and learning priorities to provide in-depth content instruction
  • Provide students with opportunities to unite via common pandemic experiences through real-world and grade level appropriate instruction in all subject levels
  • Prioritize grade level learning to include lesson progressions and identify critical standards for mastery in math and language arts
Secondary Programs (7-12)
  • Provide a Summer Learning Academy for grades 9th -11th
  • Provide double dose/support classes and Response to Instruction (RTI) for 6-12 students
  • Provide tiered/targeted instruction in science
  • Provide Advanced Placement (AP) Summer Learning Academy
  • Provide International Baccalaureate (IB) Summer Learning Academy
  • Implement strategies to address career readiness indicator gaps
  • Provide academic guidance and coaching
  • Provide grade-level and postsecondary transition services
  • Incorporate middle grades Career and Technical Education (CTE) expansion
  • Provide opportunities for equipment expansion
  • Address Career Readiness Indicator gaps
  • Provide work-based learning experiences
  • Increase the content and instructional rigor for all students
  • Design daily instructional lessons to engage students in grade-level content with supports that increases depth of instruction
  • Identify content and learning priorities to provide in-depth content instruction and address learning gaps with daily targeted instruction            
  • Provide a variety of CTE courses to enable students to complete course sequences for possible credentialing.
  • Provide advising support for college bound students that include intensive coaching through the application and financial aid process
Special Education Services
  • Build math proficiency in gifted and advanced learners
  • Provide gifted collaborative services / talent development PreK– 5th grade
  • Provide Extended School Year (ESY) Services to students
  • Provide transition services for students
  • Provide frequent intervention progress monitoring
  • Increase intensity of instructional delivery for students with disabilities
Student Wellness & Well Being
  • Provide comprehensive systems to monitor student well-being
  • Provide resources to measure students’ social-emotional learning
  • Ensure services accessibility
  • Provide parent and family engagement strategies
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Provide culturally relevant family communication
  • Provide home language & cultural assets leverage
Homeless Education
  • McKinney Vento Serving Students in Transition – Credentialing Program and Essential Staff Training
Parent & Family Engagement
  • Provide parents and families with supports and resources to establish effective study habits, routines, and create a positive home learning environment
  • Offer parents and students recommendations to establish home learning stations and procedures
  • Utilize a variety of methods to communicate with families to ensure a culture of trust
  • Collaborate with families and community partners to enhance partnerships
  • Provide supports to decrease delayed communication to families
  • Provide supports for parents as sole tutors of students
  • Design parent tutorials to assist with learning how to navigate commonly used digital tools
  • Assess the basic barriers that prevent effective parental involvement and create new approaches to promote participation
  • Provide monthly Pre-K parent engagement sessions that focus on social emotional learning and school readiness skills needed to be successful in the classroom
Talent Management
  • Rebuild the professional learning community (PLC) process across the district
  • Delve deeper into the PLC at work process to ensure sustainability 
  • Develop strategies to sustain PLCs
  • Provide student transportation
  • Provide child nutrition services
  • Provide HVAC & air quality
  • Provide personal protective equipment and facility cleanliness
  • Provide campus security at summer learning academy sites         
  • Provide information technology (IT) services to students and district employees
  • Provide audio enhancements to help instructional delivery
  • Provide Wi-Fi enabled buses for student access
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