Chaffee Celebrates 100 Days of School With Centenarian

Chaffee Elementary students celebrated the 100th day of school with not only a variety of math skills and concepts using the number 100, but with a visit from an educator that is 100 years old.  Dorothy Braswell Ricketts-Barbour shared her stories of life as it used to be growing up in Virginia with some first graders today at the school.  Ricketts-Barbour has enjoyed a career path as an educator, musician, church deaconess and prison chaplain, and along the way has earned college degrees from such institutions as the University of William & Mary, Lynchburg College, and the Union Theological Seminary.  The Chaffee Elementary students were as fascinated with Ms. Ricketts-Barbour as she was with the kids. 

The 100th day of school is often celebrated by schools in late January or February by participating in activities that represent the number.  The Chaffee students used everything from baseball cards to Legos for counting, sorting, measuring, and other math concepts to mark the “100th day.”  The event is not only a way to denote a milestone for the school year, but to make math skills fun using real world objects.  The students even had some "food for thought" in the classroom with a special 100 day snack.

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