Grissom Senior Gets Perfect Score on ACT

Lynnlee Poe, a 12th grade student at Grissom High, has already earned honors as a 2018 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist. But she did not realize just how well her ACT score was until she decided to step into a classroom and pull the scores up on her phone. Poe saw that she had earned a perfect score of thirty-six and “actually screamed a little bit.” It took Lynnlee a moment to explain to her classmates that it was a moment of joy at realizing she had done so well on the test. According to Lynnlee, “I think that it shows just how amazing Grissom is with helping their students and preparing them.”

A perfect ACT score is quite rare, with only a small number of students able to achieve a thirty-six on the test. Just last year, over two million students took the ACT and only 2,760 were able to earn a perfect score. The next-highest score of thirty-five was earned by approximately 12,000 students.

Grissom High School Principal Becky Balentine said, “We are very proud of Lynnlee and her accomplishments. She is a great student and is the embodiment of academic excellence that can be found in the students of Grissom.” In addition to her perfect ACT score and placement as a National Merit Semifinalist, Lynnlee is also being recognized as a Presidential Scholar. Lynnlee says that, after high school, she is leaning towards attending the University of Alabama and wants to major in biochemistry followed by medical school.

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