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Grissom Twins to Attend Elite Universities

Grissom High School has a proud tradition of graduates who are accepted into many of the best colleges in the country, and the Taylor Twins will follow in that school legacy.  Auset and Afura Taylor are dancers, best friends, and each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

With many scholarship offers on the table, however, they decided to go in different directions for college this fall. Auset will attend Princeton to study neuroscience. She says she was drawn to Princeton because they have an entire neuroscience institute, as well as a plethora of resources for undergraduates that would allow for exploration of areas outside her field.  Her sister, Afura, says with a laugh that “I actually really wanted to go to Princeton… I really wanted to go, because Albert Einstein taught there.”  During her search, however, she learned about the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and became excited about the prospect of attending there, instead.  She applied, and was eventually accepted into the prestigious school.

Sarah Taylor, the twins’ mother, says it was a joy to see the girls celebrate one another’s accomplishments.  She recounts that “when Afura got her acceptance into MIT, Auset was crying.”  Ms. Taylor continues, saying that “watching them grow up confirmed that you can celebrate others, because when it’s your time it will happen.”  According to Auset, the twins are not really competitive with each other because they have different academic interests, adding that “it doesn’t make sense, to me, to be upset when someone is doing well.” 

While the twins will have to adjust somewhat to being separated during school terms, they say they plan to keep in touch via Skype.

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