HCS Changemaker: Ms. Dorris Danner

Congratulations to Ms. Dorris Danner, a kindergarten teacher at Highlands Elementary School, who has been selected as an HCS Changemaker!

Ms. Danner says that she had some “pretty awesome” teachers growing up, and she also had an older sister who became a teacher.  It was while she was attending high school that she realized it was something she really wanted to do.  She says that she is very glad she made the choice to become an educator, and she loves getting to come in each day to see the student’s smiling faces because they are excited about learning.

“When I speak of Ms. Danner,” says Highland Elementary Principal Hovet Dixon, “I speak of an all-in, all-inclusive type teacher.”  He goes on to add that she meets the students where they are, and even has former students who have returned with their own children hoping to place them in Ms. Danner’s class.  Ms. Danner also serves as a teacher-leader at Highlands, often mentoring new teachers to ensure they are successful.

In the classroom, she says that they take a lot of brain breaks where the students can move around and even be a little silly.  This helps them to stay focused while they are doing coursework.  Students might be found sitting on the carpet during story time or turning to talk to one another about what they’ve read.  At other times they might be up and about working at stations or engaged in a variety of activities.

Ms. Danner has two children of her own, and when she isn’t teaching, she says that she really loves dance and music.  She brings some of that to school with her and says that they “get to move and groove a lot.”

Kindergarten is the foundation of a students entire K-12 experience, and Ms. Danner works hard to make sure that it is a solid foundation.  She says that one of her favorite things is to have a student come back years later and tell her how much they loved her class.  With over twenty years spent preparing students and ensuring they are set for a successful school experience, it’s safe to say she is an outstanding agent of change to both Highlands and Huntsville City Schools.

Teachers selected as an HCS Changemaker receive gifts from SchoolCraft.
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