HCS Enters Partnership to Provide New Educational Opportunities for Students

Science and Engineering Services, LLC (SES) hosted a special signing ceremony between SES, J.F. Drake State Community and Technical College, and Huntsville City Schools at the SES facility on Friday, August 25th.  The memorandum of understanding provides an opportunity for Huntsville City Schools’ students to receive Aviation Technology Training for Advanced Manufacturing through duel enrollment, with Drake State’s curriculum and resources provided by SES in a hands-on laboratory environment at the company’s facilities.

Huntsville City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Matt Akin, J.F. Drake Tech Interim President, Christopher Lewis, and SES (Science and Engineering Services, LLC) CEO, E.J. Sinclair, participated in the joint signing ceremony which will provide this unique opportunity for students.  “This agreement allows our students to participate while they’re high school students […] to get on-the-job experiences,” said HCS Superintendent Dr. Matt Akin. 

The Aviation Technology Training for Advanced Manufacturing Fields provides education and training for advanced aviation manufacturing skills across a broad range of subject areas, with the goal of creating multi-skill employees to meet the ever-changing demands of aviation and advanced manufacturing.  E.J. Sinclair, the CEO of SES, talked about the need for local employees in this field, saying that “this initiative will be something that helps that along greatly.”

Chris Lewis, the Interim President for Drake State Tech, adds that this partnership “allows us to bring all the resources together that are needed to make sure we are successful in this venture.”

Science and Engineering Services, LLC is one of the premier aviation reset/modification providers in the Southeastern United States, with over one hundred aircraft in service at their facilities at any given time. The company has performed hundreds of prototype, production, and integration efforts on numerous manned and unmanned platforms including almost every U.S. Army helicopter platform.  The company’s “One Stop Shop” capabilities in Huntsville include aircraft modification, manufacturing, ground combat support, research and development (R&D), program management, engineering, logistics, high volume procurement, and training.

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