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HCS Holds 5th Annual "No Place for Hate" Celebration

Huntsville City Schools recognized and honored  all schools in the district that have worked to earn the “No Place for Hate” designation this year.  The program is sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League and is designed to empower teachers, students, administrators, and parents to tackle prejudice, bullying, and intergroup conflict.  This is the 5th year that Huntsville City Schools has held the celebration, and is proud that all of its 38 schools have received the special designation.

According to Sarah Spear, a school counselor at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary, "it is really important because it allows students to work together to talk about issues that are really important in our society."  The program works to end bullying, but also to simply make all students feel welcome.  Lucy Allen, a 5th grade student at Weatherly Heights Elementary, stated that "we wanted everyone at Weatherly Heights to 'fit in' there, and not feel like they had to change themselves to be a friend to everyone." Remond Bell, a seventh grade student at McNair Jr. High, says the celebration is about having a "place [school] with no bullying, where people can get together and help each other."

Students, counselors, teachers and administrators from the schools participated in the celebration, as well as special guests from the Huntsville City Schools central office.

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