HCS Launches New Literacy Pathway Plan

More than 12,000 K-5 students in the Huntsville City Schools will be greeted when they return to school on Aug. 6 with new books and other classroom resources designed to teach and strengthen the development of both their reading and social skills. The Huntsville Board of Education unanimously approved the new reading resource as a centerpiece of its Literacy Pathway plan in April. In short, the Pathway is a set of beliefs, practices, routines, and resources designed to guide teachers in providing effective literacy instruction. The rollout of the curriculum resource – published by the nonprofit Center for the Collaborative Classroom – comes as educators, policymakers, and the public across the nation are increasing their call for students to develop a range of skills crucial to success in school and in life. Such skills include the ability to think critically and solve problems, communicate effectively, collaborate and resolve conflict, and be lifelong learners.

In anticipation of the rollout, teachers and administrators in the district’s elementary schools have used the summer to attend professional-learning sessions designed to empower them to create conditions for learning that will be academically rigorous while nurturing the needs of the whole child.

Specifically, the district is making resources from three Collaborative Literacy programs available to all elementary schools:

  • Being a Reader, an early-reading curriculum for students in grades K-2, will provide students with the foundational skills and strategies they need to learn to read well and to love reading. Students will be supported through whole-class and small-group instruction. 
  • Making Meaning will provide a full year of research-based whole-class and individualized reading and vocabulary instruction for grades 3-5.
  • Being a Writer, which will be available for grades K-5, teaches the writing process while developing intrinsic motivation for the craft of writing through immersion in the narrative, informational, and opinion/argumentative writing genres.

Since 1980, Collaborative Classroom has been at the forefront of helping schools integrate academic learning and social development to help students grow as critical thinkers who learn from, care for, and respect one another. Every day, more than 2 million students in more than 80,000 classrooms experience the research-proven, award-winning curricula.

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