HCS Partners with Urban Engine for Student Entrepreneurship Education

Huntsville City Schools has partnered with a local non-profit group to offer a new STEAM-focused innovation education program this semester.  The Urban Engine Student Entrepreneur Program is introducing 450 high school students in elective career-related classes to the creative processes used in innovation, development, and business planning.  The program also provides hands-on mentoring and guidance from local subject matter experts and business coaches. Students with an interest in business and entrepreneurship can expand their skill sets and think beyond the standard high school business classes with interactive and engaging learning opportunities.

“We are excited that our business students have this wonderful opportunity to gain real world experience as they bring to life what they learn in the classroom through this partnership with Urban Engine. Throughout this program, students will be able to gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills, confidence, and the chance to be creative and innovative,” said Huntsville City Schools Career Coach Carolyn Wade. Carolyn’s colleague, Christy Hubbard, added that “many of the world’s most effective business leaders credit mentors as key contributors to their success. We are all excited that our students can experience this firsthand from our community entrepreneurs and business leaders.”

“We are so excited to bring this innovative curriculum to the forefront of our education system,” said Toni Eberhart, Executive Director at Urban Engine. “Equipping students with the skills and knowledge to build a business based on a new idea or career interest empowers the next generation to create jobs, build new wealth, and strengthens ties in our community for years to come.”

The program culminates on May 2, 2019, when students are encouraged to showcase their learning at an off-site business plan competition. During the event, twelve finalists from each Huntsville City High School will compete by presenting their business plans to local entrepreneurs in a similar format to the popular TV show Shark Tank . Cash and other prizes will be awarded to winners after a keynote presentation.

The Urban Engine Student Entrepreneur Program is made possible through community partners and corporate sponsorships. “Supporting education programs that teach problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills is a high priority for Toyota,” said Kim Ogle, Corporate Communications for Toyota Manufacturing North America as well as the presenting sponsor for the program. “With the automotive industry rapidly changing, it requires a future workforce that can think innovatively with an entrepreneurial spirit and adapt to change. Toyota is proud to partner with Urban Engine to provide this exciting learning opportunity to local students.”

The opportunity to support this program through sponsorship, or by volunteering as a mentor or judge, is still available. For more information on the Urban Engine Student Entrepreneur Program contact Urban Engine Executive Director Toni Eberhart.

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