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HCS Takes First Steps to Become A Model School System

At this week’s Huntsville City Schools Instructional Leaders Conference, principals, school leaders, and district staff are learning about methods to improve education by implementing strategies that promote positive relationships with students along with higher academic expectations.  Keynote speaker Bill Daggett, Ed. D., the founder and chairman of the International Center for Leadership in Education, showcased how districts can face head-on the educational challenges for schools in today’s world. 

The district is considering using the Daggett System to implement for the upcoming year in all 37 schools. The methods use best practices, ideas, and research collected from thousands of schools to support teacher development that can create learning environments resulting in improved student achievement.  Dr. Daggett says that “the number one change you will see is that kids will be asked to apply the knowledge, not just recite the knowledge.  And once you learn how to apply knowledge, you never forget.”   Christie Finley, Huntsville City Schools Interim Superintendent agrees, adding that “we have to focus on that student learning piece because that is what is going to take us to the next level to becoming a model school system.”

School districts from Virginia, Missouri, to Texas are just a few of the recent success stories on improving student achievement through Dr. Daggett’s methods.  He has spent over twenty-five years traveling all over the U.S. and abroad in an effort to lead school reform that better prepares students for the future.  Dr. Daggett is a former teacher, administrator, and a director with the State Department of Education in New York.

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