HHS All-Girl Robotics Team Heading to World Stage

Congratulations to the "Nerdettes" who will be representing the state of Alabama on the world stage!

The Nerdettes is a STEM-based, all-girl robotics team consisting of six students from Huntsville High School. They will be competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championships in Houston on April 20-23. Over 160 teams from all over the world will be competing!

The Nerdettes:

  • Ellen Vegerita
  • Ava McIntosh
  • Emily King
  • Sydney MacMurray
  • Averiel Brininger
  • Megan Quinn
  • Hailey Holsonback

The team also works with younger girls who are interested in STEM to show them that anyone can be part of this industry.

You can learn more about the team and check out a variety of pictures on the Nerdettes Instagram page.

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