Jemison Band Seniors Cause Colleges to Tune-In to Talent

Jemison High Band Director Reginald Pearson gave his upcoming senior band students a little homework over the summer to create a list of five colleges or universities they might be interested in attending.  Since some students begin their senior year without a clear picture about life after graduation, Pearson wanted to make sure that his students began planning as soon as possible.  When school started back, every senior band member spent a portion of rehearsal time filling out college applications.  As a result, all fifteen senior band students were accepted to Miles College and many are seeing additional offers come in as well.

“We’re all dedicated,” says Jemison Band Senior Hector Cardozo, “we all want to go far in life… we all have our own goals that we want to reach.”  He also says that as soon as you join the band, getting a scholarship quickly becomes a goal everyone shares.  In addition to the college acceptance letters, every senior in the Jemison band has also received at least one scholarship offer.  Kaleb Core says, “I think it just shows a lot of our dedication, of just trying to be more successful and trying to prove that we can do more than people think.”

The students of the Jemison band say that the group is really an extended family, and most of the seniors also give credit to the rest of the students in the band.   They all push each other to practice and to excel at everything they do.  “We put in a lot of hard work,” says Quintyas Farrar, “and I’m pretty proud of everyone that’s in the band.”

Mr. Pearson keeps a chart in his office with all the band seniors listed beside colleges and universities they have been accepted to, as well as dollar amounts of any scholarship offers they have received.  The students are coming in every day to tell him about new schools they have received letters from, and lately it’s been happening so often that he struggles to keep up with it.  He says that the experience was great for himself and for the parents, “but I love what it does for a child.”  One such student had approached Mr. Pearson to tell him that they didn’t plan to attend college.  “The very next day,” says Mr. Pearson, “they ended up receiving their admissions letter from Miles College, and it changed their whole world.”

In addition to acceptance at Miles College, several of the seniors have also been accepted at or received offers of academic scholarships to other schools.

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