Learning Frameworks for Upcoming School Year

Huntsville City Schools administrators are sharing how teaching and learning may occur in the upcoming school year.   

Superintendent Christie Finley presented three frameworks for the 2020-2021 school year at the special called board meeting on May 28, 2020. The frameworks include traditional, blended and virtual.

“We will continue making decisions in the best interests of students and families,” Finley said. “Our team remains proactive in developing plans for the upcoming school year focused on health and safety as we engage in teaching and learning.”

The traditional framework includes face-to-face instruction in which students attend school every day. The traditional framework will be implemented if there is no surge or a low number of new cases of COVID-19.

In the event conditions do not permit for traditional learning, the blended framework will be utilized. Students will receive instruction both in-person and online. This framework will feature a staggered schedule in which students alternate days at school. This option will be utilized if COVID-19 cases increase daily or if there is concern for a potential surge in cases.

The virtual framework will feature students engaging fully in online learning. Traditional instruction will not occur as courses are delivered virtually. This framework will be available for any families zoned in Huntsville City Schools who would rather their student learn remotely. HCS will provide families in grades K-12 with the option to register for virtual schools beginning June 5, 2020. Additionally, this framework will be utilized if there is a high rate of daily cases or an active surge occurs.

HCS administrators will share more information as plans are finalized. District leaders note plans may evolve as health conditions change.


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