Montview Elementary Dedicates Remodeled Library to Former Teacher

James Stone, a former student of Montview Elementary in the 1970’s, was joined by one of his favorite teachers, Meg Barry for a special dedication for the remodeled library at the school.  Stone, who is now with an investment corporation in New York, donated the money to help with the project.  James wanted the library to bear the name of his 4th grade teacher, Meg Barry, because she was the one “who first made me feel like I was special.”

Meg Barry was surprised and thrilled with the honor but more excited about what it will bring to the current and future students at Montview.  Barry said that “we as teachers go into the profession because we care about the students.  It’s hard to know at the time that you are making a difference.  When I heard that James was giving back in a thoughtful and generous way, I knew he’s the real hero.”

Barry believes that a library signifies a gateway to lifelong learning, and this gift from James Stone will make a difference for years to come.  And walking the hallways of her former school, Meg was greeted with hugs and smiles.  She said the inside looks a bit different, but the walls are covered with educational inspiration with wonderful learning going on in the classrooms. But most importantly, Barry added, “Montview has maintained its heart.”

Principal Marcia Sutton thanked James Stone for his support for Montview, adding that he has also provided funding for student broadcast equipment and the greenpower electric car program.  School librarian Tracie Rings said this has been like a dream come true and looks forward to working with the students in the new library. 

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