NCTHS Students Building Shed for Habitat for Humanity

Civil engineering & architecture students at New Century Technology High School (NCTHS) have been working to build a shed with the help of volunteers and materials from Habitat for Humanity.  The project-based service learning endeavor is headed by NCTHS Engineering Teacher Caroline Reed and engages students in a variety of skills including design, construction, safety, time management, communications, and even public relations.

“I’m passionate about my students having workable skills and being employable,” says Ms. Reed, “so any way that I can encourage collaboration, connect with the community, get other people involved in what we’re doing, and teach them something that they can take away from this campus – that’s a win for me.”

The students all have job titles and Ms. Reed had them write about possible tasks that could be related to that job position.  She says that they are learning to maintain or keep their job positions with checkups on how they are performing.

Jonathan Hullet, for example, is in charge of ensuring safety at the construction site, while Deanna Waddle works as the design lead to ensure that all the ideas from the other students coalesce into one final vision which makes it to completion.  Gatlin Bryant, on the other hand, is on the outreach team so he helps to oversee all the media and outreach initiatives for the project.

The students are also learning the importance of working together as a team, which sometimes means coordinating between the design team and construction crew.  Evelyn Torstenson, one of the student builders, says that Ms. Reed has “done a lot of team activities, […] I think that helps a lot with the building process.”

When the students finish, the shed will go to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore to be sold.  The proceeds will help fund Habitat home construction projects in the area.

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