A Parade of Success Marches In At Dawson Elementary

That first day back to school can be a bit of a challenge for kids and their parents, but a volunteer group made it a pleasant experience for Dawson Elementary.  “Proud to Partner” is a volunteer community initiative that is reaching out to help schools and communities in Northwest Huntsville.  The group created a “Parade of Success” at the entrance of Dawson Elementary for the students, complete with cheers and best wishes as the children started their first day back.

Principal Deana Henson was thrilled to have the volunteers at the school to get the students excited about education, because she pointed out that the first steps of success begin with excellence in attendance and motivation to reach your goals.  Henson’s favorite line to her students is, “You must be present to win”.

Reverend Dawn Bowles, who works with Proud to Partner agrees with Henson, because learning and winning go hand-in-hand, adding that, “if you must be present to win, you must be present to learn.”  Bowles says the group will “measure success, one child at a time”, and looks forward to future activities to help kids reach their potential.

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