Ridgecrest Elementary Opens Two New Playgrounds

HCS Superintendent Christie Finley, members of the Board of Education, and Ridgecrest Elementary School staff and students met today for a special ribbon cutting ceremony to open two new playgrounds at the school.

“We know that academics are important,” said Superintendent Finley, “but we also recognize the importance of play.”  She added that the HCS Strategic Plan includes capital improvements such as this, and the goal is to continue that across the district.

Ridgecrest Elementary Principal Lisa Obradovich said that the faculty and students watched the old, outdated equipment getting torn down and removed and then monitored the installation of the new equipment from the ground up.  “We’ve been very excited,” she said.

District 4 Representative Ryan Renaud expressed his sincere gratitude to district leadership for their efforts on the project, “and especially to Mr. Billy Priest and his team with the operations department.”

After the ceremony, Ridgecrest students immediately ran to play on the equipment.  It’s safe to say the new playgrounds will see plenty of good use.

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