Students Honored for Summer Internship Work Program

High school students with Huntsville City Schools will be recognized at a luncheon today for their work in a special summer internship program.  The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services in partnership with the school district, provides this opportunity for a dozen students  to gain work experience with Huntsville City Schools for a six-week period through the summer. 

HCS Asset Management Coordinator Lontrell Harris says that it's very important for the students, "because it's actually an opportunity for them that they may not get otherwise."  He adds that the program teaches a lot of important life skills, including punctuality and appropriate workplace attire.  "We take them through the whole life skills process.  For instance, they actually go through the interview, they prepare a resume, and they fill out an application," he says.

Huntsville High Graduate Cami Hladky says, "It's just a very good experience."

The primary goal of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS)  is to provide transition services to students with disabilities, who are eligible or potentially eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation Services.  For the summer program with Huntsville City Schools, ADRS handles the initial screening and interview selection process to select the students along with stipend funding, job coaching, and insurance coverage.  Huntsville City Schools provides work sites and  job descriptions, along with site supervisors for the weekly training and evaluation.  This is the second year for this summer internship program and included students from Grissom, Huntsville, Lee, and Jemison High Schools.

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