Students Study Science & Math Through Sound at Lowe Mill

A group of sixth graders from Dawson Elementary learned about how math is connected to musical sounds as a part of a field trip sponsored by the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation.  Danny Davis with Tangled String and Green Pea Press demonstrated the science behind building a guitar.  Davis explained that there are fundamentals of science and mathematics observed in the creation of sound, and applying those principles can help create equations that can even predict sound.  Davis said that this can show students a doorway to how models and equations can be used in other ways, adding that, “math can solve your problems before you make a lot of mistakes.”

After the session, students were able to enjoy a performance by Alan Little in the Tangled String Studio.

The Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation works with local musicians, educators, and music teachers to support and promote music education in North Alabama, with the goal of fostering creative development in young minds. The “not-for-profit” foundation operates with the support, direction and encouragement of blues musician, Microwave Dave Gallaher.

Evan Billiter, the president of the foundation, says that they are striving to help bring music into everyday instruction.  He stated that it has been a learning process for the foundation as much as for the students, adding that the foundation is partnering with with the Academy for Academics and Arts, and also that they attended “a workshop with teachers from all over the state” to learn ways to incorporate music in classroom curricula across all subjects.



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