Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Jennifer Wright

Congratulations to Ms. Jennifer Wright, a second-grade teacher at Morris P-8, who has been selected as this week’s Teacher Spotlight recipient!

Ms. Wright’s family has always told her that she has a magnetism with children.  In fact, her most vivid childhood memories are when she started babysitting in middle school, and as she grew into adulthood she knew that she wanted to do something that involved making a difference in the lives of children.  She says she has always felt that learning is a lifetime thing, and that is something she wanted to impart to students.

“She makes reading and math very fun for the students,” says Morris Principal Patricia Boyd, “she makes it so that children want to come to school.”  Ms. Boyd adds that Ms. Wright really focuses on the whole student, building relationships with them and getting to know them on a personal level.  Ms. Wright connects to her students by telling stories about how her family reads, travels, and learns new experiences.  She says that it’s important to have high expectations for students, but “when it comes down to it - the love is the part that they need the most.”  Ms. Wright is able to use the relationships she builds with students to guide them very effectively, with the end result usually being tremendous academic growth by the end of the school year.

Peyton Garett, a second-grade student at Morris P-8, says that Ms. Wright is “a wonderful teacher.”  Isabella Patrick agrees, saying that “every second grader deserves Ms. Wright.”

When she isn’t teaching, Ms. Wright is very involved with both her family and church.  She and her husband enjoy travelling and camping several times a year.  One of their favorite destinations is the mountains of Ashville, North Carolina, but Ms. Wight says they also enjoy just spending time in the natural beauty closer to home.

Ms. Wright seeks to show her students that learning can be fun to help them develop a love for learning that will continue long after school.  The exceptional growth her students have demonstrated is certainly evidence that she is a great success at accomplishing her goal.

Each week, ETV will showcase an outstanding Huntsville City Schools educator as a feature in the “Teacher Spotlight." Highlighted recipients receive gifts from SchoolCraft.


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