Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Rebecca Ramsey

Congratulations to Ms.Rebecca Ramsey of Sonnie Hereford Elementary School, selected as this week’s Teacher Spotlight recipient!

Ms. Ramsey teaches third grade math and science, and has been teaching at Huntsville City Schools for over six years.  She became a teacher with the Teach for America Program in 2012, before going on to earn her Masters in Early Childhood Education from Alabama A&M.  She is married to Trevor Ramsey, who often comes to visit her classroom with treats for the students.  She says he is a 'professional field trip chaperone.'  When she isn't teaching, Ms. Ramsey enjoys reading, travelling, and playing with her puppy, Luna.  She says nothing makes her more excited, however, than when a child can be proud of their accomplishments.

“Ms. Ramsey is an exceptional teacher,” says Sonnie Hereford TOSA Sherita Joiner-Pryoer, “she comes in daily and sets the expectations for all students in this building, not just her students.”  Students in her classroom can sometimes be found working in pairs, or playing games that make the subject material interesting and approachable.  Ariana White, one of Ms. Ramsey’s students, says that “it keeps us active, so we can keep rolling through class and get ready for fourth grade.”  Ms. Ramsey’s students set personal goals with their coursework, but they don’t really treat it as a competition.  She says, “one thing I really love about my kids this year – they are all about celebrating each other.”  Ms. Ramsey works hard to build good relationships with them as well, and says “my room is a safe place where they can be themselves and they are going to be encouraged.”

According to Dontreus Marberry, another of Ms. Ramsey’s students, “I think it’s very important that we learn, because without an education we can’t do anything.”  With students like Ariana saying that Ms. Ramsey makes math ‘fun’ and ‘easy,’ it’s safe to say students are learning a lot in Ms. Ramsey’s class.

Each week, ETV will showcase an outstanding Huntsville City Schools educator as a feature in the “Teacher Spotlight." Highlighted recipients receive gifts from SchoolCraft.
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