Whitesburg P-8 Choir Gives the Gift of Song to Fellow Student

Current and former choir students at Whitesburg P-8 gave a special performance last week for fellow student Kadence Castillo, who is struggling with osteosarcoma, a form of childhood cancer.  The special song they performed, “Fight! A Song to Defeat Childhood Illness,” was written by the students as part of a service learning project. Kadence had been in remission since July 2017, but was re-diagnosed in October 2017 and continues her school work through the district’s home bound program. 

The choir, along with help from choral director Alicia Mulloy and 5th grade teacher Katrina Shelby, spent the past two weeks creating a music video of the song to inspire Kadence, as well as others who are battling similar childhood illnesses.   The video has already raised over $1000 in donations for the Ronald McDonald House Charity, where Kadence stayed during some of her treatments.

Click here to view the music video they created!

Ms. Mulloy says it all began two years ago, when they wanted to “take the choir experience to the next level to provide the students with unique enrichment experiences.”  Parents and students worked together to come up with their first program of study, childhood illnesses, which resulted in creating the original music. When the choir students recently learned that one of their own at Whitesburg P-8 were fighting cancer, Ms. Mulloy says they “decided to bring ‘Fight!’ back to life” as a way to provide inspiration and hope to their classmate and friend at Whitesburg.  

Kadence said, “I think it’s my favorite song, to be honest.  It’s just really good.  It tops off Shawn Mendez.”  The students at Whitesburg P-8 have also made a video reaching out to the Canadian singer/songwriter, in the hopes that he will sing the song.

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