Middle and High School Course Information


Huntsville City Schools recognizes that the course registration/selection process is important for students and their families.  Assistance is offered in many forms: classroom guidance activities with students, parent meetings, printed and digital resources, the annual iRegister Registration Fair, and the documents provided below.

Your grade-level school counselor will serve as your point of contact for all things related to course registration and selection.  Counselors will be provided with the information, materials, and resources to effectively assist students with course selection.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to them if you need help or have questions.


Course Description & Quick Reference Guides
Middle School Course Description Guide
High School Course Description Guide
Middle Grades Quick Reference
Elective & Career Academies Quick Reference
Magnet Quick Reference
Course Request Forms
Sixth Grade Course Request Form
Seventh Grade Course Request Form
Eighth Grade Course Request Form
Ninth Grade Course Request Form
Tenth Grade Course Request Form
Eleventh Grade Course Request Form
Twelfth Grade Course Request Form
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