2018 Summer School Credit Recovery Information

Technology-Based Credit Recovery Program

Credit Recovery will be available in summer school for those students enrolled in Huntsville City Schools in grades 6-12 who failed a course with an average of 40 or above.  Students who failed a course with an average of below 40 must enroll in the sequential program and complete the entire course.  For athletic eligibility, students must enroll in the sequential program, unless a signed waiver is on file.

Instruction will be delivered through the online instructional software Odysseyware and may also include targeted instruction supervised and managed by a highly-qualified teacher.  An individual student plan will be developed based on skill-specific diagnostic tools which are determined from the computer-based instructional software.  The student must complete the identified modules for the designated course and pass the exam with a minimum grade of 70%.

The highest grade a student may earn through credit recovery is a 70.  Students wishing to earn a higher grade cannot pretest for exemption and must complete the entire course through the sequential program.

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